ST status for Yobin is still distant dream

Letter to the AP Times Editor.

Dear Editor,

The news titled “Union Tribal Affairs Minister assures CM on nomenclature issue” published on 12 September is a strategic step from the Chief Minister. He seems to realize that unless he gets involved into this matter the issue of Scheduled Tribes (ST) from AP will not expedite.

But what alarmed me was the mention of only the change of nomenclature of few tribes and “Any Naga Tribes”. Where does the demand of Yobin for ST stand? Is it that the newspaper failed to report or the Government plans to sideline us again?

The report also confirmed that the State’s recommendation has not been consistent because it said “… He [Minister for Tribal Affairs] requested the State Government to immediately send official recommendations for the same through the State Secretariat, which he said is the normal procedure…”

Recently, union minister Ninong Ering has been telling about this gap to us and to our local MLA. But our MLA and the State had been saying “No further recommendation is needed; your matter is with centre.” Now the Minister for Tribal Affairs had personally informed our Chief Minister. I hope the matter will be processed through proper channel with complete list of ST from Arunachal.

We always request for immediate declaration of Yobin as ST because it is a great need. All the other tribes of Arunachal Pradesh have been receiving facilities as ST, but for Yobin such facilities are far away.


Liahey Ngwazah

Source: AP Times Readers’ Forum (16 September 2013), TOI (14 September 2013).

1 thought on “ST status for Yobin is still distant dream

  1. Thank You sir for your untiring work for the betterment of our Yobin community by providing all the updates and current scenario of Vijoynagar.

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