MV Road as of October 2013

Last week a relative of mine came from Shidi to Miao. He walked all the way, all the 157 km. He did the same even on his way back to the village except for the 22 miles they could hire a pick up truck.

In reality the road remains in the same condition since its inauguration by Hon’ble Rural Minister, Jairam Ramesh, on 19 February 2013, Miao.

News appeared that the Minister will visit Vijoynagar for laying another foundation stone there in June. It was postponed to October 5. Again this did not happen. Let’s see when that will become a reality.

Only a question come to my mind: Why such delay?

  • Is it that our Vijoynagar public is too quiet, doesn’t seem to really care about it?
  • Is it because the State Govt. is not efficient on follow up with the Rural Minister?
  • Or is it because the Central Govt is not releasing the promised fund under PMYGS?

Nothing is clear. What can we do to gain clarity on this?

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