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Assertiveness is not what you do, it’s who you are – Cal Le Mon.

In this blog, we express our ideas, opinions and aspirations about our Yobin/Lisu people of India. Because for the last four decades, the State Government of Arunachal Pradesh systematically oppressed us. They have taken away our Scheduled Tribe status, considered us a refugee (till 1995), cut off all road communications, and then declared our land as National Park. These are unfair treatments to us and they continue to do so.

Join us with academic knowledge, suggestions and prayers. Below is brief introduction about the contributors.

ATIBOSA is from Shidi village of Arunachal Pradesh. He comes with rich background of Biblical education. He completed Bachelor of Ministry from YFGTC, Bangalore and a Master’s Degree in Biblical Administration (through correspondence) from NBC, Chennai. At present he is pursuing Master of Theology at Asian Christian Academy, Hosur. He writes on the Biblical perspectives related to the topics in this blog.


LIAHEY: Liahey and his wife Simasa live in Bangalore, where he works as a language researcher with a Christian organization. He has done Master of Divinity from Chennai and also studying for MA in Education. He is interested in research, writing and sharing of ideas. As a graduate in theology, he enjoys preaching and teaching as well.


AVIA: Avia likes to be called “amateur Lisu – English Lexicographer”. He was lecturer in a Bible college for a decade. Later he published an English – Lisu dictionary and now working on his other dictionary, Lisu – English dictionary. He has also concern for human dignity and is pursuing a post graduate diploma on Human Rights. Avia and his wife Ziby has three kids, Jonathan, Hannah and David.

BARAK : Barak is from Shidi village. At present he lives in Shillong with his sister and brother. He did his Bachelor of Theology from Lakeview Bible College & Seminary, Chennai and BA from North Eastern Hill University, Shillong. Here is what he says “I have great zeal to do something for our society at my level best. And I am willingly to up to take up responsibilities which  contribute to the development of our society”. He takes part in research and information collection.


9 thoughts on “About Us

  1. A fascinating website!

    over the Past 6 years I have visited Lisu-dominated areas in China’s Yunnan Province and Burma’s Kachin State. I have just obtained my RAP for Arunachal Pradesh and am quite keen on visiting the Lisu people of India as well. Is there a way to reach you from Miao? I don’t mind walking for days (have done that in the past) but would really appreciate travel companions for the way. Will arrive in Changlang district after new year 2014.

    Hope to visit your community and see you soon!


    • Hi Zak,

      You have been travelling a lot!
      From Miao to the main Lisu village called Gandhigram/Shidi is 157km and takes 4 days on foot. In between there are several families living along the way.

      I may not meet you as I will arrive Miao only towards the end of January. But many Lisu people are at Miao and they do lots of trekking during the winter season. You will find many companions.

      Let me know if you would to get specific contact to travel along, on this email: Liahey@gmail.com.


    • Dear Zak: I’m a master’s student at the University of Chicago, and am currently focusing my research on the issues in Namdapha, particular the challeneges the Lisu living there are facing – but I’d like to expand on this. Can I please get an email ID to write to you, get some advice on travelling to Burma and Yunnan, please? I can b reached at gayathris@uchicago.edu, if that helps.

      Best Gayathri.

    • hey,
      I am really happy by seeing your aticles ,you all are doing a commendable job. Well i am a looking for a research work on various minority groups ,i Would be grateful i can speak to you.

      Dengz Chakma.

      The eastern today

  2. Hi avia,

    This is pioneer visual publication (yet to be registered) we are currently working on english dictionary project. We are in need of support from a people like you.

    Please do let us know about your interest.

    Stephen. N

  3. Hi – this is a wonderful website.

    I am currently writing a paper that partly examines the Lisu migration from Putao, Myanmar to India and I have a couple of questions I would like to ask. Could you please reply to my provided email or offer an email so I might contact you directly?



  4. May shed the victimhood card. It will only add to sense of alienation among innocent Lisu people. Now make people part of the development process. Make them politically empowered.

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