We go where our vision is – Joseph EM.

I believe we have many goals we want them fulfilled in our generation. And I truly believe they are possible to achieve. Our needs are genuine and constitutional. Following are some of them:

1. Restoration of Scheduled Tribe (ST)
Not that we crave for government funding, but because ST is tied to many other survival needs in Arunachal Pradesh. We don’t ask for recognition but restoration of the ST we had until 1970s. With its restoration, we look forward to a day when:

    – Our land will be legally ours. On that day, the government will issue us

Land Patta

    (land allotment).
    – Permanent trade permits are granted to our people.
    – Our people are recruited in government jobs, without turning down because ST certificate is not produced.

2. Completion of Miao – Vijoynagar Road
Now we walk four days on foot for the 157 km distance. But when the Road is completed, it is a matter of four hours journey. We will then say goodbye to:

    – Heavy luggage on our back.
    – Rs 100 for a kg of salt.
    – Untimely death of our dear ones without medical facilities.
    – One public phone in a large village like Shidi.

3. Demarcation of the Traditional Land from Lominaeyi (40th Mile)
The government on declaring our land as Namdapha Tiger Project (NTP) in 1985 forfeited the major portion of our land. Since then any cultivation we do within that limit, a derogatory word is used against us “encroachers”. I am imagining now – once the demarcation is completed:

    – We won’t be called encroachers.
    – I wonder to whom the NTP authorities will point fingers at for the absence of tigers and for the disappearance of animals in the park.
    – Our habitation and food supply will be sufficient, not suffer as face today.

There should be plenty other goals. But these goals will suffice for now. As we have these dreams ahead of us, let us remember this word from the Bible.

We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps – Proverbs 16:9.



Dream 1 realized on May 5, 2015 when ST or community certificate was issued from the ADC office Miao. Other two remains; they need a lot of our attention and hardwork. Unfortunately, Dream 1 was smashed by State Govt in January 2017, but restored again on 7th Dec 2018. (Updated: 31 Dec 2.018).

Next on MV Road still under pursuit. The recent follow up by the Governor BD Mishra since August 2019 gave some hope. But nothing changed on ground yet. We travel farthest upto 19 Miles which is the same distance about 10 years ago.


15 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Yobin Dreams webblog will enable us to express our feelings and reactions about our situations in the land where we have been living ever since it is called an human inhabited land. I guess each one of us (Yobins) should take here a privilege to tell others who we really are. Thanks to Mapha Liahey for creating this blog.

  2. Thanks to Mapha Liahey for creating Yobin Dreams blog. Hope this will make a big difference in Yobin history. When we are passionate to accomplish something better, and our hearts are united for a common goal nothing can stop us from progressing except God. So let us race to accomplish something great for our community with strong commitments by trusting in God.

  3. congrates to our little mapha, this is one plat form through which the educated and like minded yobin brothers and sisters can be educated about our rights which have been denied to us for so many centuries. make good us of this web in a constructive way. God bless

  4. Thanks for creating lisu dream blog. Hope, we will learn from each other our best to do. Now we know who we are… But Much, more is to bring the position who we are. I want to impress my observation: firstly, is we need spiritual inspiration, practice accordingly. Secondly, is we need counselling and sharing openly what is in our mind and following strictly on its responsibility. Thirdly, we need the kind exhortation for each good work which our leaders have had work. Many times people feel jealousy instead giving thanks or exhortation. Such negative altitude need to be avoided. We need practical altitude from each persons or members… Sharing brother, Aphus.

  5. I out-most thank to our M. PHA LIAHEY for his dedicatory contribution to the Yobin,s society by creating “the Yobin dreams blog”.This will definitely make known one’s idea towards our objective to solve out our problems to each every educated man and woman among the Yobins.Thank you..

  6. Thank u mapha for this awesome dedicatory master-peace…i ‘m sure “The YOBIN Dreams” will lead the lisu/yobin at the apex..It is a media to bath our blind eyes and thus remove the ignorance.However,if our present attitude, arrogance, proud,and many more continue persist. Absolutely,having no idea WHAt is going happen in the days to come. m ever sure, years will rolled by but our accomplishment ll be nil..we lack so called “ONENESS”..”willingness” in our community is less renowned and innumerable factors push us back.so ,this is a high time for us to wake up and catch the right roaring wave to reach our goal..otherwise,………………………….LETZ wake up! “life is not only meant for 2day but for the days 2 come”.

    • Absolutely true Josawo that oneness is a struggle we have. I challenge every educated people to view our community as a whole, not as fragmented pieces. We raise our voice together and then we can challenge any injustice in this world.

  7. Thank you so much Mapha for innovation our Lisu Dream blog.Lets join hand together and fight against injustice to our Lisu tribe and hope our dreams will be soon fulfilled,lets move to reach our objectives.

  8. I am a solo traveler from Bangalore i have explored almost entire Arunachal. and that is my passion. I have spent 4 months in Arunachal in my 4 trips. I have been dreaming of visiting Vijoynagar.I have been following this blog from quite a time. and honestly i came to know loads and loads about Lisu brothers and sisters.I really pray all your dreams will come in flying colors soonest.. I really regret Lisu brothers and sisters are still neglected in many ways,.. sad…

    I am a blogger as well .I write my travel stories specially in those remote parts of Arunachal.. Entire world is coming to know how beautiful those places and of course the people from my blog and photographs.honestly this November i was planning for a trip to Vijoynagar but somehow i did not get chance but next year February/march i will come there.

    My plan is to reach Miao then walk with some locals to Vijoynagar and while coming i will wait for the Chopper else i will walk back to Miao.
    Still i have some queries how difficult it is for a solo traveler like to visit.

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Tapas, no problem for solo travelers. There will be many people with whom you can go along. Feb will be better… by March there could be floods. Why don’t you share you blog address? Liahey

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