AYSU of 2013 Creates History

This batch of All Yobin Student Union (AYSU) leadership made much impact in our society and for the student community in particular.

Good Beginning

For the first time in its history, AYSU had election-cum-meeting at Miao (see more on this). The leadership had organized and motivated the students well. In addition, they have encouraged the parents. The day after the meeting, they had picnic which students enjoyed.

Even at Shidi, similar celebrations are held and in other villages. Even in Shillong a student body is now organized.

ST Initiative

2013 October 17 - AYSU of 2013 Creates History, DELEGATESThe five member AYSU delegation for three weeks in July 2013 had been significant. First, they approached several government officials and discovered the exact status of our Scheduled Tribe demand. Second, they approached the Government of India especially with the Tribal Ministry and other top country officials. This made our case more aware at Center. Third, they found significant documents in our favour. This further increased the confidence of our people that we are not running in vain. Plus other officials and those who favour our demand became more confident to support. Fourth, as a continuation of their effort, Yobin ST Action Committee was formed in September to take ST matter forward.

It is noteworthy, that the AYSU raised all the funds necessary for their whole stay in Itanagar.

Social Work

2013 October 17 - AYSU of 2013 Creates History, SOCIAL1

2013 October 17 - AYSU of 2013 Creates History, SOCIAL2

On 27 July, AYSU did cleaning up of Miao Christian Cemetery. This was recognized even in local news/media. This teaches students that serving is worthy of life.

Cry for Justice

2013 October 17 - AYSU of 2013 Creates History, RALLYIn support for the justice of late Yethini, a rally was organized at Miao on 5 September. Again this was reported in Independent Review.

Looking at the current trend, the AYSU will go way forward to make a difference in the society.

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