Christian Churches Among Yobin/Lisu

Written by: Liahey, Data collected by: Simasa

Church at Nibodi Village (Photo taken: October 2011).

We were curious how many churches are there among the Lisu. We counted only the churches that 1) Have separate building/campus or meet at home, and 2) Use primarily Lisu language as medium of worship.

In the table: Yes (has a church), No (No church), House (Meet at home)


NO Village Church of Christ Church of Christ (Non Instrumental) Believers Church
1 Aguchi House No No
2 Badadi House No No
3 Dawodi Yes No No
4 Hazolo Yes No No
5 Miao Yes Yes No
6 Ngwazakha Yes No Yes
7 Nibodi (52 Miles) Yes No No
8 Shidi Yes Yes No
9 Shidiku Yes No No
10 Sichoto (77 Miles) Yes No No
11 Yacheyley (65 Miles) House No No
12 Yibudi House No No


  • Only in three villages, there are two separate churches.
  • Four newer villages run their services at home. They actually do not have regular pastor to share God’s Word with them.
  • Church of Christ continues to meet the spiritual needs of most of our people.


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