Educated People From Yobin Community

Compiled by: Liahey, Data Collected by: Barak and Juicy, 1-5 June 2012 (Last Revised: 16 June 2012)

“Education is a liberating force, and in our age it is also a democratizing force, cutting across the barriers of class, smoothing out inequalities imposed by birth and other circumstances.” – Indira Gandhi.

People are educated in many ways. In this study, we have focused on those who did their formal education (both regular and open systems). Other streams like theological, vocational etc will follow later.

The question we asked: How many Yobin/Lisu have completed high school and above? I want to thank Barak and Juicy for collecting needed information. They did much interviews over phone and of course much recollection of memory too!

The information covers only those who are living with us today as our purpose is to show how many educated people are there in our society today.

In this study, I invite you to join the findings we had on the progress of education among the Yobin people over four decades. Let us rejoice in good progress, work together in areas that need attention.


One hundred and forty eight have completed class 10 and above. This is about 5% of total Lisu population of about 3,000. Out of that no one has completed M. Phil or Ph.D. 

There is not huge difference in dropout rates between high school and PUC. But dramatically gap widens after class 12. Only about 40% make it to bachelor and very few to masters.

Some notable people from above are:

  • Till date, brother Yusihay is the only one from our community who has almost completed his PhD program. I am positive that one day he’ll complete it.
  • Chayoni and Jemapho are the pioneers to pursue nursing profession.
  • Phuyosa is the first person to practice law.


In the 1970s there was only one who completed bachelor degree. Most might know it is none other than Phusa, who led our society throughout these years. The 80s and 90s had been difficult years when our citizenship was removed, but educated people rose slowly. Because it was the time God provided us Nongpoh as a town where our people could be educated, till date.

The next decade is not as dramatic as the 2010s. The first two years of this decade outnumbered all the educated people of all time. This two years produced 97 people, though most from class 10 and 12. If this trend continues, we will see about 500 people who have completed matriculation and above, in this decade. And we may find difficult to find uneducated youth from our society in the next decade.

Perhaps, this success could be attributed to our settlement at Miao since 2000, when Yobin Camp at Miao was established. People could easily stay there without much expense. And clearly our people had invested to the education in that decade and we reap its fruit in this decade.

See further breakdown of educational levels according to the decades.

To depict the progress graphically, look at the same data in graph.

In the days to come I look forward to see the columns for Bachelor and Master rise higher. And of course I hope to see a column for M.Phil and PhD. And personally I will make sure I get included with the PhDs.


The male educated is 98 and female 50, about 2:1 ratio.

The gender gap is not huge at matriculation, but widens in higher education. It can be noted here that there is no female who has completed master level education till date.


Shidi being the largest village has produced highest number of educated people. But Dawodi has the highest percentage of educated people, looking at the lower Lisu population in that village. It has also the distinction of having the first MA graduate, Late Makhu.

Our people need to rise from Nibodi, Ngwazakha, Aguchi and many other smaller villages. Let us pray God will make ways for them too.

Our people need to rise from Nibodi, Ngwazakha, Aguchi and many other smaller villages. Let us pray God will make ways for them too.

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