Reflections from the Book of Judges (Bible)

By Liahey and Simasa

One of the judges, Gideon, asked God’s angel, “If the LORD is with us, why has all this happened to us? … But now the LORD abandoned us and handed us over to the Midianites.” Don’t the Yobin/Lisu people sometimes echo this feeling?

In late 1970s when our Indian citizenship was removed from us, we raised our voice to the government and very specifically to our God.  We remember our leaders led us through times of fasting and praying as a church. And a breakthrough came in 1994 when our citizenship was restored.

After reflecting on this, I ask myself whether our people really seek God’s intervention for the restoration of our Scheduled Tribe status, road and land issue?

Following points were a few that stood as we thought about our problems from the Book of Judges.

  • Each time they forgot God, they were handed over to cruel people, who tortured them.
  • Whenever people cried out to God, he rescued them.
  • Each time God rescued, he did through a key leader who fought for his people. One time, a woman became their community leader!
  • Oppression never exceeded 40 years.

See more about each judge and under whose power they suffered.

1 Othniel King Kushan Rishathaim of Aram 8 yrs 3
2 Ehud King Eglon of Moab 18 yrs 3
3 Deborah (a woman) King Jabin of Canaan 20 yrs 4
4 Gideon Zebah and Zalmunna, Kings of Midian 6-8
5 Tola 10
6 Jair 10
7 Jephthah Ammonites 11-12
8 Ibzan 12
9 Elon 12
10 Abdon 12
11 Samson Philistines 40 yrs 13-16

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