Justification for project – Namchik to Vijoynagar

This is the road survey that was carried out from Miao recently. Very interesting the road under PMYGS is still under construction and then another one approved. Difficult to understand how the government system work. Perhaps this project is put on for forest clearance as the description is posted on the Forestclearance.nic.in

Source: Forest Clearance (accessed: 9 May 2016).


Ministry of Road Transport & Highway (MoRT&H) has decided to implement the two laning of Vijaynagar-Miao-Namchik Road (length: 174km) in the state of Arunachal Pradesh under SARDP-NE Phase ‘B’ on EPC mode.

The project road from Namchik to Vijaynagar is a road that connects Vijaynagar at Myanmar border with the other part of Arunachal Pradesh specially with NH 153 through SH-25. The existing road has generally intermediate lane carriageway from Namchik-Miao .from Miao to M’pen carriageway width is single lane. From M’pen to Gandhigram for around 120km is only accessible by foot road through Namdapha National park. From Gandhigram to Vijaynagar earthen road of single lane exists. In pursuance of the above, Ministry of Road transport and Highways (MoRTH), has entrusted Stanley Consultants Inc., USA in Joint Venture with Xplorer Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. for the work of carrying out Feasibility Study and Preparation of Detailed Project Report for upgradation of two laning of Vijaynagar-Miao-Namchik Road (length: 174km) in the state of Arunachal Pradesh under SARDP-NE Phase ‘B’ on EPC mode. The effective date of start of Consultancy Services is 15thJanuary 2016.

The Project

The project road is located in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. One end is Namchik at state border with Assam, at km 27 of Miao-Jagun Road. Other end is Vijaynagar, the last habituated area along this section before the international border with Myanmar.

From Miao around 9 km road up to M’pen is easily approachable as single lane BT road exists till this point. After this , the project road passes through the Namdapha Tiger Reserve for 116km in which around 21 km is accessible by four wheeler. From the end of Tiger reserve, Vijaynagar is around 32 km away in which 14 km single lane gravel/BT road exists from Vijaynagr end. Once formed, this road will become lifeline for border town of Vijaynagar. The Project Highway starting from Namchik end passes through Miao, M’Pen, Nibodi, Gandhigram and Ramnagar before being terminated at Vijaynagar.

It is further noted that Vijaynagar is detached from mainland by the National park extending upto international border.

1. The road required to be developed to ensure the existing habitations with better connectivity.

2. The road is required for strategic movement to Vijaynagar a final land point before the Border.

3. Road is required for the established communities enroute within the National Park and beyond till Vijaynagar.

4. The project route exists well within 100km of international border.

5. Any other alternative in-land route to Vijaynagar will however to cut across the National Park as it stretched upto International border.

6. Any alternative route will deprive community/communication further to the villages/ establishments and

7. The project road was built as a formal gravel road and is not functional due to poor upkeep/maintenance during last 2 decades.

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