Bridge cut down by Wildlife dept, Yobins allege

This cutting down of hanging bridge may be strategic “military act” by the Namdapha Authorities while destroying the Nagodi village. But this has been one of the most inhuman action they have ever done.

I asked the people who constructed. They spent two whole day during rainy days building it because it was impossible for them to cross the river over the 27th Mile. After using it for about a week it has gone into the river.(Note: This track that takes off MV Road from 19th Mile and passing through this bridge has been our traditional track even before the MV Road existed.)

More details in AP Times (10 May 2016)


MIAO, May 9: Aggrieved over cutting down of the hanging bridge over 27th Nallah along Miao-Vijoynagar road, the Yobin community leaders have demanded the Field Director, Namdapha Tiger Reserve, Miao to rebuild the bridge by May 15.

Alleging that the bridge was destroyed by the Forest and Wildlife Department, the Yobin community leaders in a collective memorandum has stated that the entire people of Vijoynagar Circle including the Govt. employees and general public are astonished and aggrieved over the cutting of the bridge as it is the lifeline to remote Vijoynagar area from Miao.
The memo added that the bridge was hanging till the evening of April 20 and was found cut down in the next morning in the south end, which was witnessed by villagers of Gandhigram. Incidentally on the same day, the Wildlife Department personnel from Miao destroyed the dwelling houses and standing spice plants of Nagodi Village, added the release. Further, the villagers stated that the department had Sign Boards forbidding using the traditional walking tracts that lead to the destroyed bridge. The destruction of the bridge occurred during the fortnight-long arms and ammunition training conducted inside the Namdapha Tiger Reserve from April 18 to 30 by the Forest and Wildlife department, added the release. The movement of all inhabitants of Vijoynagar, Gandhigram and from fringe villages, and entry of all vehicles were prohibited inside the Namdapha Tiger Reserve during the period.
ADC Miao has assured to take up the matter with Field Director, Namdapha Tiger Reserve, informed the release.
The Yobin community leaders who submitted the memorandum are Vijoynagar, ZPM, Yoafu Yobin, Gandhigram ASM, Osini, ASM Dawodi, Ngwayosi Yobin, Yobin Tribe Fundamental Rights Forum, chairman, Tifusa Yobin, All Yobin Student Union, president, Jothisey Yobin, Yobin Youth Association, president, Yolisa Yobin and Miao Lisu-Yobin Welfare Association, Gen Secy, Liahey Ngwazah.


There were five reactions at AP Times on this piece of news:

1.Nabam Vijay May 10, 2016 at 4:57 pm

I totally agree with above statement made by Arola, the statements made are all true. I am constructing road there. I myself personally has been there. I walked for days to reach gandhigram. Not to tell about the drastic road conditions and what these people are facing there. It is damn tuff!! I am always saddened by their conditions. These people from vijoynagar circle are very hardworking people, they just lacks good exposure and good opportunities. I am not commenting on Nepali or lisu’s , or their rights and wrong , I am just highlighting the mere facts that these people deserves better. The road conditions are the main factor that is lagging them behind as compared to the rest of arunachalees , I emply to do the best of constructing motorable road on my part of contract with really minimum fund sanctioned by the government. There are always wet so to say it is a really marshy place even in the winter. Bottomlines that- these people from vijoynagar circle deserves better focus by the government.

2. Ngwayoja May 10, 2016 at 4:50 pm

hi,arola I appreciate and salute you that you are a real lover of indigenous tribe.

3. arola May 10, 2016 at 9:22 am

Sorry it’s Tongam Rina.

4. arola May 10, 2016 at 9:08 am

The reality of namdapha tiger reserve is :-
1. U won’t find any tiger there.
2. Crore n crores of international funding for this reserve has been sanctioned. Proper audit should be done immediately.
3. The authorities have never done census regarding tiger population of the reserve.
4. The vijoynagar circle comes under this reserve but the indigenous tribe yobins or lisus residing there since time immemorial.
5. This is the only circle in Arunachal where nepali are allowed to participate and contest in panchayat election, otherwise which is meant only for indigenous tribe of Arunachal. I don’t know why they have given special preference. Arunachal Times should enquiry about this kind of unconstitutional act.
6. During late 80s 300 nepali were accommodated with the help of yobins but now they claim themselves as a true master of that place. And which is very unfortunate.
7. Now government must direct the concerned departments to enquire about true (genuine nepali)settlers and fake settlers(after settlement) and to unearth the agreement of settlement between govt of India or govt of arunachal with the settlers(nepali).
8. Now, nepali of this circle are planting cardamom,ginger etc n thereby cutting forests, but the blame is put upon the indigenous tribe I.e. yobin or lisu.
9.without the knowledge of indigenous tribe the area has been sanctioned as tiger reserve and now, the government wants to evict those people whose great grandparents died protecting namdhapa reserve.
10. Government of India must resurvey this reserve. So that no more further conflict arise between the indigenous tribe and the government.
11. Request Arunachal Times to enquire about the nepali settlement and the agreements which were performed earlier between government and the settlers.
12. Request respected Tongan Tina to enquire about voting rights of nepali in our tribal state .

5. Arun May 10, 2016 at 8:27 am



Sad to say the NNP Authorities turned a deaf ear. Here is the response to our request to restore the bridge:



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