AAPSU on Yobin ST

The All Arunachal Pradesh Student Union, the apex student body of Arunachal, openly blacklisted the Yobin people as refugees in its resolution of the meeting held at Pasighat (26 August 1985). A quote from that meeting, “The meeting resolves that the refugees like Chakmas, Hajongs, Tibetans, Yobins settled permanently in Arunachal Pradesh should be withdrawn immediately from Arunachal Pradesh.”

Recently I got to review a letter written by AAPSU to the Yobin student leader. It was by its General Secretary, Late Wangnia Pongte (dated 14 Feb 1976, Ref: 94/AAPSU/74) notifying the rate of membership for each student. Few years after this, their stand on our issue completely changed.

I felt funny they have resolved to fight against us. Perhaps, they thought our population numbered lakhs those days!

Almost three decades later the AAPSU’s scanner list on Yobin have not changed. “AAPSU president Takam Tatung, on the other hand, called for an in-depth discussion on the issue of granting APST status to the Yobin community by taking the views and consideration of all the indigenous communities of the state.” (The Assam Sentinel, 1 September 2010 (accessed: 2 September 2010).

Have they discussed after the symposium? No. When our delegates meet them, verbally they said they don’t have any objections to us and they have even made recommendations to the State Government on our behalf.

But if that have made such public statements in 1985, they should made public statement now that they don’t have objections.

And we should know that AAPSU and State Government have good pack. Therefore we cannot expect whole hearted support from them.

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