Yobin’s deserve ST

Source: By Temken Rallen (AP Times Readers’ Forum, 26 March 2013).

Dear Editor,

It is very much surprising to know that the tribe “YOBIN” is new to the ears of many Arunachalee People. Yes, it may be so because this tribe is small in number and have been residing in a very remote of corner of Arunachal Pradesh at Vijaynagar which is locally called Dawodi. One has to walk five days to reach from the nearest town Miao.

However this tribe Yobin or Lisu is not a new to many of us especially to me, as per my knowledge they are one of the aboriginal tribe dwelling in Vijaynagar since time immemorial. Yobins or Lisus were there even before India got Independence from the British rule.

Amazingly! Yet true!! One of the descendent of Yobins named Akhiya went down from Dawodi which is now called vijaynagar to get a permit from the then  British officer(DC) Lakhimpur, Dated,23/04/1942(document proof).But it is very unfortunate for the Yobins that they are told to have migrated to Dawodi(now vijaynagar) around 1960s.

After knowing all the fact about ‘Yobin’ and the problems they have been facing of being excluded or neglected as one of the Indigenous tribe of Arunachal Pradesh, it saddened my heart and forced me to bring out this article.

Despite knowing that the Yobins are one of our brother tribe, their outcry is never heeded nor heard. I am of the view that among many their demand for ST is genuine and legitimate. Seeing the current situation I am very much hurt to say that Yobins are still categorized with the settlers in Vijayanagar like Gorkhas or like of the refugees. I would like to appeal everyone who knows and have knowledge about Yobins to come out and support to this small and helpless tribe.


Temken Rallen

DNGC, Itanagar

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