The First Picture of the Lisu with Indian Soldiers

The Miao Vijoynagar Road is difficult to trek even now. What would be the situation in 1961? Moreover, the Expedition team was marching during the flood season, reaching Shidi on 7th May 1961.

I wish more pictures and larger size photos were available to us from the 1961. I might even see Uncle Motika, who was back then 20 years old. He along with other boys went along with the Expedition team on their return and stayed at Khonsa for three months and then returned.

In the two pictures below, the Lisu posed pictures with jawans. In one Lisu women seated, some did not face even camera very typical village style, surrounded by the standing jawans. In the second photo, the three Lisu ladies faced the camera squarely and two or three Lisu men standing behind them along with the soldiers.

Major Sumer Singh must be in the pictures. I wish I can locate him.

Source: Dipti Bhalla and Kunal Verma.2013. Children of the Dawn (North East Triology – III). New Delhi Kaleidoindia. Page 28. (This book is worth reading. Here is a brief review).

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