Arunachal Frontier Highway (AFH)

I heard about this highway two years ago (October 2014) in a news release by MoS Shri Kiren Rijiju. At that time the information available was the road has been approved by the Union Cabinet. And this road will be constructed along the McMahon Line, starting from Tawang and ends in Vijoynagar, covering about 2000 km.

Map courtesy: TribuneIndia

Since then I have not searched much till today. A note that I read yesterday triggered the interest. For the first time I learned the road is called “Frontier Highway” and further I came to know it is specifically called “Arunachal Frontier Highway”. So today in spite of slow internet connection, I decided to explore more about this Highway. The following are new information to me.

· Status: The Defence Ministry has cleared this road with proposed changes. Existing road will be used in Tawang. The actual starting will be Nafra, Lada and Sarli. Home Ministry has cleared too. Now file is with the Cabinet Secretariat (AP Times, 22 May 2016). Meaning, the road is still at the conceptual stage, not implementation level. See map (slightly outdated) for details.

· AFH will intersect two very important roads: East-West Industrial Corridor Highway and BCIM Economic Corridor. Both these roads are still at planning stage.

· This project is monitored by the Ministry of Home Affairs with other ministries coming in to take part different functions. Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) to prepare a detailed project report and others like Defence Ministry and Ministry of North East Affairs. It seems Shri Kiren Rijiju is the main player in this project.

· The cost is Rs 40,000 crore, the single biggest infrastructure project in the history of India.

· With all the optimistic propaganda, there still some reservations over this highway proposal.

But for us once this road reaches our villages, we will no more be the same for good or worse. What would help is preparation to take advantage of this communication facility. Who can and who will facilitate that?

Further details in Wikipedia.

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