About to Trek Vijoynagar Again

We are going to walk the 157 km Vijoynagar Road after a gap of four years. This time we will take along my two daughters, three and two years old.

I have decided to take this long walk, four days, after several considerations. First, there is a combined Christmas at Shidi that takes once in three to five year. Second, my wife and I have not seen our parents for many years now. And the most important of all, my daughters have not seen their grandparents yet. We look forward to their meeting. Preparations are tedious but we have determined to venture out on the 17th Dec.

Many people from Shidi area have come down to Miao recently. They carried on their back elaichi (cardamom), sold at Miao and with the money they have something to buy. Some of the items I have seen they buy and carry home:

· Solar lighting system: huge panels and battery.

· Lots of warm blankets and jackets, shoes and other clothing.

· Soap, detergents, toothpaste.

· Nails and other house construction materials.

· Some bought TV, Dish, printers.

I have yesterday, five loads of people in Bolero pick ups have gone back to the villages. Even today more have left. Many more to leave tomorrow and day after tomorrow.

This morning I met an elderly man of about 70 year old waiting for vehicle that will take them to 18th Mile. And about 10 year grandson with about four kg backpack. Three months ago, an 80 year old grandma had walked from Shidi to Miao.

Life has been quick difficult for the people of Vijoynagar. The promised MV Road is far from realization. It was inaugurated in October 2011. But till now not much have done.

· Black topping done only upto 6th Mile (Forest Gate).

· Some initial earth moving started from 27th Mile to 52nd Mile. Too much mud, we cannot even walk nor vehicle can ply.

What is needed to speed the construction of this road?

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