In recent times I started thinking we have not yet learned to use this powerful tool. So far I know there was an attempt to find information about the land allocation to the retired military settlers in Vijoynagar area but has not yielded result. Other than that I know no other attempt. There are many avenues/information we should pry such as funds allocated for Vijoynagar Block, fund released for MV Road, criteria for giving the Panchayati Raj powers to the settlers of Vijoynagar when no other such communities are given such privilege etc.

In that connection, I read a news item where a PIO was fined for not giving requested information (See AP Times, 15 Dec 2014).

Penalty on PIO

ITANAGAR, Dec 15: The Arunachal Pradesh Information Commission has imposed a penalty of Rs 25,000 on Lod Tanya, PIO cum Executive Engineer, PHE and WS Division Ziro for defying the orders of the commission in an appeal made by an information seeker.

The commission further directed the PIO to appear before the commission on or before January 20 next.

Now RTI fee is reduced from Rs 10 per A4 page to just Rs 2. So no need to worry about large expenses to access this powerful weapon.

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