What Kind of MLA Do We Need?

The last two decades of our franchise exercise did not meet the aspirations of our people to reality. The two leaders we have had during this period, Samchom Ngemu and Kamlung Mossang, have not given sufficient priority to our needs. Look at this:

  • Scheduled Tribe (ST) Status: Both did deliver the desperate need for ST. They just did sketchy attempts and clearly did not take our case seriously. Now we know the status of our ST is in a mess. Particularly, I was surprised to hear Kamlung lying to our public about the ST status, again and again. Plus at one point he has convinced some of our public leaders that ST is secondary; PRC is important (a non sense).

  • Miao – Vijoynagar Road: The road was through once and few four-wheeled vehicles plied between Dec 2012 and Feb 2013. Later, the GoAP secured PMGSY funds for its construction, which remains frozen to this day. My point is, it took two decades to initiate construction since our voting rights was restored. That too, not by political process, but by the then Deputy Commissioner, Dr. S.B. Deepak Kumar, combined with high recommendation of the Gen (Rtd) J. J. Singh, Governor of Arunachal Pradesh. So where were our local representatives who held Cabinet roles in GoAP?

  • Land Demarcation with the Namdapha National Park: They have no idea how to resolve this issue. You cannot rely on them. I don’t know Samchom’s position on this issue, but Kamlung encouraged the villagers of Ngwazakha to continue even upto 27th Mile. But when the actual dispute arose with the wildlife and administration in Nov 2011, he was no where.

I clearly see they are no hope for our future. If they cannot give solutions to our basic survival and identity needs as above, how can they bring developments which are above survival?

We need visionary leaders who can shape the direction of our community and the lives of the people under Miao Assembly Constituency. Someone who can address our survival and identity needs and also provide solutions to our other struggles in the areas of medical (health), education, stronger administration, security and peace in the region.

My urge to all our people is to be very cautious in how we go about in the next State Assembly election. Use discretion and be wise. Let us not be waylaid by offers and incentives, thereby losing the community. Let our dreams live.

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