Noah and His Family: You Never Know How much You Mean to Your Community!

Uttarankhand Flood picture from

In the month June 2013 a huge disaster occurred due to a natural calamity in the state Utarrankhand in North India. Thousands lost their lives and homes. Rescuers from every force joined hands to save lives and give reliefs. This was one of the greatest tragedies in Indian history so far.

It was very unfortunate event ever but it occurred in just a corner of the nation. Can you imagine the world submerging into water? It is hard indeed. It is even more difficult to figure out one house on the top of the mountain completely submerging into the sea of water!

Yet, it’s recorded! Bible records the event of a universal flood in Genesis sixth to ninth chapters. It was a flood that covered the whole face of the earth. All the living creatures were once extinct except a family along with other preserved creatures in the ark, which is known as Noah’s ark to this day.

Noah was a just man who walked with God. He had three sons and three daughters-in-law and a lovely wife. They were eight family members. None of the family member’s devotional life is mentioned as of Noah’s, i.e., “a just, perfect in his generations, and walked with God.” (6:9, NKJV).

As a result of Noah’s just living and faithfully walking with God, when God caused the flood to cover the universe, as a judgment for the sins people had committed against Him, He saved Noah and his family from being destroyed from the face of the earth.

This amazes me as I read the account. One person who has devoted his life to live justly and walk with God resulted one family’s salvation. “Noah found grace in the sight of God,” said the Bible; not Noah and his family found grace in the sight of God (cf. 6:8)!

The author gives little interest in the family members’ lives, but much on Noah’s life. In fact the Hebrew writer says, “By faith Noah, when warned about things not yet seen, in holy fear built an ark to save his family.” (Hebrew 11:7, NIV).

What does Noah’s life say to us today? This is one way we can view: One life matters to save many lives. One person who is devoted to just living and walking with God has potential to bring God’s favor to the entire family!

Of course, this does not mean one person’s salvation will save the rest of the family members. That is unbiblical teaching. If Noah’s sons and daughters-in-law rejected Noah’s gracious invitation to step in the ark: what would be their condition when the flood came?

But the idea is this that the influence of one person makes a big difference in the family or in the community. Did Noah know this? Probably. Can you now think how much you can influence your family members to become godly people?

Your contribution to your family or community can become a legacy to encourage to the generations to come. Your influence to your family or community can become an example to other families in many ways.

But what you need to realize is this happens when you find the favor in the sight of God. Noah found favor in the sight of God. Noah became a kind of savior to his family. You never know how much God can use you when you are devoted to Him!

May we all strive to be like Noah who found grace in the sight of God; who walked with God by living a just life in his generation; whose life has become a blessing to his family members and who was also later called “a preacher of righteousness” (cf. 2 Pet. 2:5).

Your community needs you and you need your community. You mean to them as much as they mean to you. But only when you realize, you will learn how much you mean to your community. And only when you learn how much you mean to your community, you will know how much you mean to community.

And when you know how much you mean to your community no matter what natural calamity, like that of Uttarankhand in June 2013, besets your life you will learn to stay calm; because you belong to a community and a community stands with you.

You really never know how much you mean to your community!

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