Facts Related to Yobin/Lisu Community

Prior to 1961: We have two Jamin patta (land document) dated 1951 and 1962 with us. They are from our people who worked as coal miners in Ledo since the British days. The documents were written in Assamese. 

7 May 1961 (Sunday): Chaukan Pass Expedition of the 7th Assam Rifles led by Major Sumer Singh arrived at Shidikha. It was the first ever contact of Lisu with the Indian government. Inscription of this important date was written on a stone in Shidikha. But now it has been washed away by Noa-Dihing river.

1961 census names of 80 tribes and sub-tribes was returned and Yobins were enlisted at Sl. No. 78 and again during 1981 census were were enlisted at Sl. no. 107 (Phusa Yobin, quoted in Sentinel July 31, 2010).

1962: Indian administrative offices were set up in Dawodi.

1965: Evicted Yobin villages were handed over to the ex-servicemen in the name of national security. This was initiated by Major General A. S. Guraya, the Director-General of Assam Rifles. Hence all the Lisu village names were re-christened: Gwamidi to Phaparbari, Ngwanalo to Gehri Gaon, Angchidu to Ramnagar and Badadi to Preetnagar. When evicting, they killed our buffalos and chased our fathers at gunpoint and cornered all our people to Shidikha.

1972: Demarcation of Indo-Burma in Vijoynagar area took place. The boundary stones were laid. Lisu people served as guides and we continue to this day.

24 October 1978: Eviction letter to Lisu to vacate from Nibodi villages (now under Namdapha National Park) sent to our people. It was the order from the Deputy Commissioner of Tirap District. Later that year, while we were celebrating Christmas at Shidikha, the forest people burnt down our houses and took away many of our household equipments.

Till 1975: Miao – Vijoynagar Road was motorable. Lt. Governor K. A. A. Raja came to Vijoynagar in his own jeep. (Sentinel, 1 August 2010)

1980-94 Citizenship of Yobin was cut, so the Scheduled Tribe status. Our people were labelled “refugee” in our own land for 14 yrs. Refugee identity cards were issued. Later our educated people realized it was not what we are, we packed in one bag and returned to the government.

1983: Declaration of Namdapha National Park

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