Development Initiatives Among Yobin/Lisu

By Liahey and Aphu Soni

We are privileged to have several groups that uplift our community in various capacities. Following are the few we highlight as an appreciation for the contribution they have made.

Yobin Tribe Welfare Committee (YTWC): If not for the leadership of YTWC, we could never have Indian citizen restored in 1994. Our leader, Phusa Yobin, continues to lead this committee along with many other respected elders. YTWC Camp at Miao was an achievement of YTWC. It continues to demand for the restoration of our Scheduled Tribe status. In addition, our leaders continue to respond the many issues we face at various levels.

Katha: A Delhi-based educational society established four schools in our villages – Gandhigram, Ngwazakha, Shidiku, and Hazolo. It was possible through the initiatives of Dr Aparajitta Datta (Senior Scientist at Nature Conservation Foundation, Mysore). It is almost a decade Katha has been serving our young children.Image

Miao Bible Institute (MBI): MBI is an institution to train Christian leaders in our state based at Miao. It was established by the Arunachal Christian Services. Nathaney, Barnabas and Stephen are the leaders of MBI.

Yobin Welfare Organization (YWO): This is the first ever registered society from our community. Brother Yusihay Yobin is the one who heads up this organization since 2010. It has strong vision to uplift our people.

Life Care Foundation (LCF): Philip Ngwazah leads with high ambition. The organization organizes medical camps and supplies medicines to our remote villages. He takes along many medical experts with him and provides good health to our people. In addition, he started a children home at Miao in 2011. I heard that he has plans to organize training for dental specialists this year. The Arunachal Times published twice about the good work of LCF.Image

NC Public School: Ngwadu Yobin founded this school at Vijoynagar last year. It is the first school from our people. At present the school has upto nursery level and about 25 students enrolled. Many people appreciated the standards of teaching knowledge and etiquette to our young kids in this school.

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