Our Past and Potential Avenues for ST Demand

Past Avenues

Looking back at the ways we have tried for our ST (Scheduled Tribe) restoration has been dominantly political. To summarize:

  • We have primarily approached our Legislative Assembly representatives, written to the Chief Minister, to Home Minister (Central), to the Prime Minister and many more.
  • We have sought good will and support of our neighboring tribes.

Future Avenues

Perhaps we have come to believe that political solution is the only solution that is necessary. I think in the process we have bypassed the bureaucracy and legal systems, as our brothers who have been touring Itanagar this July 2013. Should we be knocking the following offices more frequently?

And there are many Christian voices that can support. At the national level we have All India Christian Council and we also have contacted Arunachal Christian Forum, which we need to strengthen our communications with them.

There should be many more areas that can accelerate the pace for restoring our rights.