Yobin/Lisu Categorized as “Other Settlers”

Last updated: 12 August 2013

According to the District Administration of Changlang District, the Yobins/Lisus are “Other Settlers” (as on June 8, 2013) along with Deori, Hajong, Chakma and Tibetans. About a year ago I wrote to the officer to clarify this categorization. But I did not receive any response, only a complete silence.

Its time to demand for the concrete reasons. Who are aboriginals of Vijoynagar/Dawodi other than Yobin/Lisu? The District Administration is forgetting the Government of India came to our land. Then how can we be “other settlers”?

Then I also read in another page of the District site with this description (as on August 10, 2013), “The Singphos occupy the plain foothills area of northern part of the district under Miao, Bordumsa and Diyun circles. The Tutsas live in the western part of the district under Changlang and Khimiyong circles. Other tribes who have migrated to the district are Noctes (APST), Lisus (Yobin), and Deoris. The Tibetans, Chakmas and Hajongs came as refugees.” 

Why is the administration do not want to include us as “aboriginal” as they did in their gazetteers of 1980? What have changed? See the bold lines. Nocte have traditional land in Tirap District. Deori have their primary land in Assam. What happen to the traditional land of Yobin in Vijoynagar? What do the administration think have we migrated from?

Between July and August 2013, at least two of our friends have contacted the District Informatics Officer of Changlang District and asked for clarifications for including us under “Other Settlers”. The officer did not have clear explanation except that we are still not recognized as Scheduled Tribe. He promised to further clarify with his superiors. 

In the past, we are known for not following up consistently because we did live far away from towns and did not have access. But its changing now. We are not giving up on anything, including this wrong categorization by our own  District Administration.

And on 12 August 2013, the website changed the categories from “Other Settlers” to “Other Tribes & Dwellers”. And instead of “Aboriginal tribes” they changed to “Major Tribes”. See under “People” (as on 12 August 2013).