Yobin People Who Studied Theology

Compiled By Liahey, Data Collected By Barak (1 – 19 June 2012)

For as the waters fill the sea, the earth will be filled with an awareness of the glory of the LORD – Habakkuk 2:14


Barak did an excellent job of collecting information. Also I thank Atibosa and Avia for helping in verification.

In this count, we have counted only those who involved as “full-time” students in theology. So we have not considered those who have completed from Nongpoh and Shidi.


  • How many studied theology? The Yobin community has 67 people who have completed diploma, bachelor and master levels of study. Maximum number have done their bachelors (40 graduates). None have completed doctorate nor am aware anyone is aiming for doctorate at the moment.
  • What are those graduates doing?  About 34 percent of the graduates are engaged in various ministries such as in church, evangelism and in teaching. And as much as 49 percent are not directly involved as “full-time” ministry. The rest are still pursuing various degrees.
  • How many men and women? 58 males and 9 females completed their studies. This appears as if theology is a domain of men! Interestingly, among those 9 women, 2 have did their masters in theology.
  • Where did they do their studies?Chennai continues to top the list.

    Places where study took place

  • Where do they come from?

Education by village

  • Which decade had the highest number of those who completed theological studies? The 2000 decade produced 41 people who had theological training. And it is very likely that the 2010 decade will exceed the previous decade because within the first two years of this decade, already 19 have graduated.Which village do they come from?

    Education according to decades

At Last:

One in every 45 Yobin people are theologically trained. This is in addition to our existing pastors, those who completed from Nongpoh and those who had training at various churches in Vijoynagar circle.

If everyone of those above are mobilized well, the spread of God’s knowledge within the Yobin community and outside communities will not be difficult.

I also like to challenge everyone who did theology: Do not send your children to theological college. Train them at home well so that they can become great servants of our God.


[I felt its appropriate to mention how the theological education progress over the years. Below is a brief summary]

Until 1970s, our churches did not have formal theological education. The senior pastors used to organize seminars occasionally and trained the pastors that way.

That trend started to change when Ngwadu/ꓥꓪ-ꓮ-ꓓꓶ and Late Yosiyeh/ꓬꓳ-ꓢꓲ-ꓬꓯ went to Chennai to study in early 1970s. Unfortunately, they could not complete their studies and returned half way.

Another wave began when Nathaney went to Chennai to pursue his Bachelor of Theology in 1982. He then made a record as the first theological graduate from our people. He also made history in Lakeview Bible College and Seminary (then Madras College of Evangelism) as its first graduate. The decade of 1980 witnessed about 5 graduates from our people.

Around that time, we had an opening at Nongpoh to simultaneously pursue school education and Bible studies. This school level program provided a stepping stone to pursue higher studies both in secular and theological education.

From 1990s, those theological educated rose steadily. Our people got training in Chennai, Bangalore, Damoh and Kerala, to name a few.