What Happened?

What have happened to the Scheduled Tribe (ST) Recognition to the Yobin?

  • The consideration and passing of the SC and ST Orders (Second Amendment) Bill, 2002: The Members of Parliament included our name in the ST under Serial No. 20, on 18 December 2002. What happened after passing in the highest authority of the country?
  • The ethnographic information forwarded to the Joint Secretary (Govt. of India, Ministry of Tribal Affairs), vide memo No. SECY. (SW) SC/ST (IN-EX)/99 (Dated: 20 November 2006). No trace of it now. It was forwarded by Secretary, Social Welfare.
  • Promise of the Minister for Tribal Affairs (Dated: 19 December 2008) to consider the inclusion of Yobin into ST list. This was the request by the MP of Arunachal Pradesh. No trace for this too.

Why are we in such untraceable mess? What is the problem?