Community House at Dawodi

Tsozuhi at Dawodi HQ

This wooden house looks very simple and now worn out of regular use but it was a very important center in the 1980s.

The former ZPM of Vijoynagar Shri Yoafu Yobin told me that roofing materials were donated by the former CM of AP Shri. PK Thungon when visited there. I think he gave quality material. It stands tough even today.

The wooden parts were donated and constructed by the villagers of the Circle. This was initiated when Shri Tsifuja Yobin was GB of Shidi and Shri Yesa Yobin was Assistant GB between 1983 and 1984.

The Yobin villagers called it Tsozuhi (Community house) and others called it Aram Ghar (Rest House).

The house had very important function. When villagers from Shidi visited Circle HQ they halt the night there. Unlike today the Vijoynagar HQ was busy and all essential offices were functional. Sick ones stayed there as the medical was just a plot away.

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