Lisu traditional medicines to treat nose bleeding

Recently, a family member of ours had nose bleeding. We got some medicines from pharmacy. Unfortunately, developed an allergy. So we had to get another medicine to calm down the allergy. This went for a month.

One day I announced to a social group whether anyone knew tradit`ional treatment. I learn something and would like to share three here.

First, spikes (feather?) of porcupine. If available, the spikes could be slightly roasted and consume.

Courtesy: Britannica.

Next, is a shrub called ꓟꓳꓼ‐ꓢꓲ‐ꓗ. (I wish I knew English name). This is available in plenty during summer especially at Miao (Changlang District, Arunachal Pradesh). I received this direction for use: Squeeze its leaves and insert some into the nostrils. If that did not help, take the roots, boil and drink the water.


The last is Marigold leaves. We used this prescription first and within a day the result was clear. The very next day, bleeding stopped. Direction for use: Smash the leaves and pour water into it. Drink the water. Insert little of crush leaves in the nostrils. Apply some on the head.

Marigold Plant.

2 thoughts on “Lisu traditional medicines to treat nose bleeding

  1. As per a primary research conducted by me during 2013 to 2016, there are many traditional medicines and practices which is still prevalent among the Lisu(Yobin) community. Traditional medicines have an important role to play among the community in the present day also amidst the modern medicine systems.

    • Congrats, you are a Dr. now! Only in recent days I realize this area should be documented on regular basis. Trying, this is the first post.

      Would you to share some of your findings as well?

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