2021 First Follow up on MV Road

This is the year to complete the MV Road.

“They informed that the stipulated date of completion of the road is fixed for December 2021.” (AP Times, 5 Jan 2021).

3 Jan 2021

CM, governor discuss developmental projects (AP Times).

The governor shared his concern over the time-bound construction of the Miao-Vijaynagar road, which is not progressing satisfactorily. They also discussed speeding up projects which are being slowed down due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

5 Jan 2021

Mein dissatisfied with delay in completion of Vijaynagar road (AP Times).

While reviewing the status of the 157-km Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) road from Miao to Vijaynagar with RWD Minister Honchun Ngandam and UD, Food & Civil Supplies Minister cum local MLA, Kamlung Mosang on Monday, Mein felt that justice has not been done to the people of Vijaynagar as “we have promised them all-weather road connectivity since the very beginning of their settlement in this remote administrative headquarter.”

It was informed that the 157-km long PMGSY road was sanctioned in five parts. First part was sanctioned in the year 2014 and till now Part I (12.50km) & II (14.50km) has been completed and work under part III (34 km) & IV (80km) are in progress. The work under Part V is yet to start.

10 Jan 2021

Gov calls for early completion of Miao-Vijaynagar road (AP Times).

Governor BD Mishra has called for early completion of the Miao-Vijaynagar road in Changlang district to harness the tourism potential of the area.

Mishra asked the DCM, who is also the finance minister, to provide adequate and regular funding for the road project. He advised the RWD minister to ensure supervision as the RWD is implementing the road project under the PMGSY.

Inviting people’s involvement in facilitating timely implementation of the road project, the governor asked the local MLA and UD minister to ensure smooth progress of the work.

28 Jan 2021


The governor pointed out that the road from Miao to Vijaynagar in Changlang district has still not received proper attention and progress on the road is “disappointing”, it said.

Work on Phase IV and V of the road has made no progress. Mishra said that the road besides being a boon for the people has national strategic importance which cannot be allowed to lag behind.

“This kind of delay in such an important road construction is beyond comprehension,” he said and stressed on timely and proper implementation of the road.

The governor further emphasised that utilising every paisa of the allocated fund in the project must be ensured and advised the ministers for close monitoring of the road project to ensure proper deployment of funds and manpower. Mishra while discussing the issues of the road project reiterated that the Vijaynagar area in the eastern tip of the state has enormous potential for tourism for wildlife watch, adventure trekking, eco and cultural visits and huge scope for other economic activities as well.

He said that along with economic prosperity of the local people of Vijaynagar, Ramnagar and Gandhigram, the PMGSY road would facilitate in the conservation of the flora and fauna of the Namdapha National Park besides ensuring national security, the release added.

Eastern Sentinel, 28 Jan.

5 February 2021

Finish early or hand over MV road to central agency, Yobin society demands

“The Miao-Vijaynagar (MV) road construction work should be handed over to GREF/BRO-like road organizations if the RWD doubts its own efficiency to provide road connectivity in the area within a stipulated time,” the society said in a letter to RWD Minister Honchun Ngandam.

AP Times, 5 Feb

High-level team inspects Miao-Vijaynagar road

MIAO, 4 Feb: A high-level team led by RWD Minister Honchun Ngandam, UD Minister Kamlung Mosang and RWD CE inspected the ongoing construction of the 157 kms long Miao-Vijaynagar road in Changlang district.

“The road is strategically important for the state, the nation and Changlang district,” said Ngandam, and directed the contractors and engineers to expedite the construction by deploying men and machines “in triple force.”

“The PMGSY road from Miao to Vijaynagar has been pending for the last many decades, but today we have covered at least 40 kms from Miao. I expect that by March 2021 at least 100 kms of the road will be completed,” Ngandam said.

AP Times, 5 Feb 2021

6 February 2021

The importance of MV road

Fed up with the constant delay in execution of the Miao-Vijaynagar (MV) road, the Yobin Welfare Society (YWS) has written to the RWD minister to either complete the work on time or hand over the project to central agencies like the BRO. Vijaynagar, situated in Changlang district, does not have road connection and people have to walk for seven days on foot to reach Miao, the nearest town. The demand of the YWS makes sense and the state government should take it positively. Despite several assurances by successive governments, they have failed to complete the MV road.

At present the road is being taken up under the PMGSY by the RWD. This too has been delayed. If indeed the state government is finding it difficult to execute the project it should consider handing it over to the BRO. They have the experience of executing projects in difficult terrains like Taksing, Sarli, Kibito, etc, in Arunachal and in places like Ladakh, Sikkim, etc. The experience will come in handy in executing the MV road. It is a great tragedy that till today Vijayanagar circle does not have road connectivity. The people of the area have suffered enough. It is time the state government introspects. Is it not a crime to deny road connection to a large population living along the international boundary? From the security point of view also, early construction of the Miao-Vijaynagar road is paramount.

AP Times, 6 Feb 2021

High-level team led by RWD Minister Honchun Ngandam, UD Minister Kamlung Mosang, Chief Engineer RWD, Er. Nyodu inspected the ongoing construction of 157km long Miao-Vijaynagar road. (Arunachal Today, 5 Feb 2021)

9 Feb 2021

Governor meets defence minister

Arunachal Governor BD Mishra briefed Defence Minister Raj Nath Singh on the state government’s proposal of making a memorial to Major Bob Khathing in Tawang.

The governor also raised the issue of border roads and bridges by the Border Roads Organization – particularly for the Miao-Vijoynagar road – under various flagship programmes of the central government.

AP Times, 9 Feb 2021

6 Feb 2021

Amid impediments, construction of MV road goes on

This is a long write up that covers the story of MV road, present status and problems, but here is the conclusion statement:

Unless there is proper coordination between the RWD and the forest (wildlife) authorities, the possibility of getting the road through is still a distant dream.

AP Times, 6 Feb 2021

16 Feb 2021

He also flagged off construction work of the Miao-Vijaynagar Road in Changlang district and sought its early completion saying that the Governor’s Office is monitoring the project and no inordinate delay in completion would be tolerated.

Assam Sentinel, 16 Feb 2021

27 Feb 2021

Gov reviews progress of Miao-Vijaynagar road

ITANAGAR, 26 Feb: Governor BD Mishra on Friday reviewed the progress of the Miao-Vijaynagar road in Changlang district with the senior engineer working on the project.

Stating that early completion of the road has become highly pressing, he observed that “the disjointed one side and single line works approach has caused all the delay so far.”

For this strategically important road, unless multipronged work is adopted and the work fast-tracked, this road will never see the light of day,” he added.

“The 157 km road must have five to six simultaneous points on both ends of the road, from where the road construction activity must be taken up,” Mishra suggested.

There are a number of rivulets on the route – some perennial, some seasonal – which need bridges.

The governor observed that “the contractors have not yet placed bridges fabrication order nor commenced the construction of the abutments for the launch of the bridges.

AP Times, 27 Feb 2021

16 March: CM calls for speedy execution of Joram-Koloriang road, Hollongi airport

Chairing a meeting on e-pragati through virtual conference with the deputy commissioners, officers and agencies of the central government, and field officers, the CM expressed satisfaction over the progress of the Miao-Vijaynagar road.

AP Times, 16 March 2021

17 March 2021: CM sets another ambitious target

Chief Minister Pema Khandu has announced that Vijaynagar and Tali, the two administrative circles which do not have road connectivity till now, will get road connection by March 2022. He made this announcement while addressing a BJP event in Namsai on Tuesday.

AP Times, 17 March.

18 March 2021:

While discussing the Miao-Vijaynagar road with the minister, who is the local MLA of the area, the governor suggested that the supply orders for 11 bridges required on the road must be placed now for their manufacture. He further emphasized that the abutments and embankments for launching of these bridges must be prepared now, so that there is no loss of time.

Mishra said that the “acid test of the road will be when a civil bus will be able to operate from Miao to Vijaynagar nonstop, in all weather conditions throughout the year.” He also informed about the assistance offered by the Indian Army in completion of the vital road. “It must be studied seriously and availed of as needed by the state,” he said. (Raj Bhavan)

AP Times, 19 March 2021

22 March 2021: Khandu sets deadline for completion of MV, Tali roads

Khandu said the MV road, work on which began when Arunachal was a union territory, is yet to be completed and his government would ensure early completion of the road.

“The Miao-Vijaynagar road is one of the oldest roads, which has been under construction since UT time, but we couldn’t give connectivity,” said the CM.“

I took this challenge to complete within this year. Another challenge I took is road connectivity in Tali constituency. This year, I will ensure that connectivity to both Vijayanagar and Tali is completed,” he asserted.

AP Times, 23 March 2021

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