Aftermath of the 11th December

The intensity of this violence is too big. I look forward to a future where we won’t such eruptions. I envision a responsive govt to the needs of its citizens, not just the Panchayat Issue but other essential services – the road connection, telecommunication, on-spot govt staffs and infrastructures.

The govt is still to bring this situation to a normalcy and those involved in this incident are being arrested and under investigation. The unfolding developments.

  1. 18 Dec: Goodnews that “Vijaynagar limping back to normalcy” (AP Times).
  2. 19 Dec: AP Times published versions of Vijoynagar by Yobins “We cannot part with our ancestral land” and Settlers “We have nowhere else to go: Gorkha settlers of Vijaynagar”
  3. 20 Dec: YWS issued a news release “YWS expresses anguish over Vijaynagar violence”. Dr Nani Bath also wrote a deep reflection on the Vijoynagar problem, “Vijaynagar and beyond”
  4. 21 Dec: AYSU released a video, sharing the tensions and tough means of solving the problems in Vijoynagar (Arunachal Today). Arunachal Times and Eastern Sentinel covered extensively in writing with titles “Security forces harassing innocent villagers, says Yobin union” and “Vijoynagar violence: yobin students body blames government’s ‘false promises’ for incident”.
  5. 22 Dec: Editorial “Handle Vijaynagar issue responsibly” after the allegations by YWS and AYSU that police is harassing the public. Ngwazosa was set to surrender before the ADC Miao, even the society leaders submitted a letter to DC who directed ADC to do security arrangement.
  6. 23 Dec: Vijoynagar violence: 5 members of Yobin students body including its president arrested (Eastern Sentinel).
  7. 24 Dec: 45 arrested for arson and riot in Vijaynagar (AP Times).
  8. 13 Jan 2021: Union demands immediate release of arrested Yobin students (AP Times). “The Arunachal Indigenous Students’ Union (AISU) has demanded that the state government release the Yobin student leaders, who were arrested on arson charges in Vijaynagar recently, by giving them clean shit within 15 days, failing which, the union said that it would launch a democratic movement.”

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