Gold Medals by GoAP

On 7 Dec 2018, the Lisu society gave appreciation letters and trophies to several leaders who made impacts to society, during the CM Pema Khandu’s visit to Vijoynagar HQ. Out of that he decided to award State’s Gold Medals to three people. Akhi Yeliyeh Yobin, Pisilah Singpho and Choagey Yobin. The last two were no more.


Faithful to his word, gold medals awardees were announced by the Government of Arunachal Pradesh to two Lisu people who contributed for the Vijoynagar Circle and Arunachal, on the 26th January 2019.

Sl. No 28. Akhi Yeliyeh Yobin, Social Worker, Vijaynagar, Changlang  and Sl. 30. Choagey Yobin, Ex-Headman, Vijaynagar, Changlang (posthumously) (AP Times, 28 Jan 2019).


Photo: AYSU team with Gold Medal awardees during a special facilitation program at Miao.


Shri Akhi Yeliyeh Yobin

Shri. Akhi Yeliyeh Yobin is one among the three persons (who is alive among them) who helped the Indian authorities in the process of demarcating the Indo-Myanmar in Vijoynagar Circle in the year 1972. It is with his excellent topographical knowledge and immense physical endurance that the sites could be reached in such inaccessible terrains. The current border pillars stand in the locations suggested by him.

Shri. Akhi Yeliyeh Yobin receiving Medal from the Governor of AP, Shri BD Mishra.


Also, it was Shri Akhi Yeliyey Yobin who convinced Maj. Sumer Singh to relocate the Dakota Landing Strip from Gandhigram village to a more suitable location in Dawodi or Vijoynagar in the year 1962. He had donated a large portion Dawodi village for the construction of ALG.

In 1962 a rough landing ground was prepared on which the aircraft landed. Later, in 1965, together with another Yobin leader Shri. Khumacha Yobin, Shir. Akhi Yeliyeh rallied the Yobin community and manually dug the present readied the Advanced Landing Ground of Vijoynagar. This is how the ALG at Vijoynagar, the sole mode of communication and connection with the outside world came into existence in Vijoynagar.

This rare feat and sacrifice of Shri. Akhi Yeliyeh Yobin needs to be appreciated.

Late (Shri) Pisi La Singpho

Late (Shri) Pisi La Singpho of Pisi village, PO/PS Miao was a prominent Political Interpreter (PI) of Miao Area

He guided the Chaukan Pass Expedition in 1961 and 1962 that led to the discovery of Yobins in Dawodi or Vijoynagar valley and planting of the Tri-Color in this frontier area.

Prior to these expeditions, the area of Vijoynagar remained undiscovered and unknown to the outside world.

Late (Shri) Pisi La also remained associated with Vijoynagar circle during the 1960s and 1970s and helped the Govt. Consolidate rule and establishement s

Being a multilingual person and a person with great liaison capabilities, Shri. Pisi La was instrumental in bringing the indigenous Yobin tribe closer to the govt.

Late (Shri) Chaogey Yobin

On 7th May 1961, when team of Chaukan Pass Expedition, led by Indian Military men and local guides arrived in Sidi village (renamed as Gandhigram since 1961), it was Late (Shri) Choagey Yobin, Yobin Headman, who welcomed the team. On the same day, on suggestion from Officers of Assam Rifles in the team, he and under his guidance, several other Yobin men made their allegiance to the Indian Flag and vowed to be loyal and true Indian.

In 1972, when the Burmese Government wanted to clarify the international boundary with India, in the then Tirap Frontier Division, Shri Choagey Yobin directed three (3) young men – Shri Akhi Yeliyeh Yobin, Shri. Wachupi Yobin and Shri Adi Yota Yobin to help the authorities identify the Yobin areas. These three men, with their excellent topographical knowledge identified the sites where border pillars were to be erected.

The contribution of Shri. Choagey Yobin in assimilating the Yobin tribe and the Yobin land under the nationality of India is highly significant and need to be appreciated at the highest level.

Shri. Choanu Yobin receiving Gold Medal for his father, Late Choagey Yobin from the Governor of AP.

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