Indefinite Hunger Strike – Day Four


30 November 2019: Our people enters into fourth day of Hunger Strike. Highlights so far:

  • Lots of media person arrived onsite and took interviews.
  • Many students unions, NGOs, individuals came to support solidarity for our cause.
  • We also had interruptions by ADC and a former student leader.
  • But unfortunately, none of the government representatives came. More surprisingly, our own MLA-Minister, Shri. Kamlung Mossang is far from sight.


News Release

Only the response from govt verbally. Govt sent the Circle Officer and the EAC of Capital Complex giving verbal assurance and asked to call off Hunger Strike. They would meet on Monday.

AAPACSU announced those closed door meeting is over. Everything should be done openly and publicly infront of media and people.

Govt Response

Home Minister Bamang Felix finally opened his mouth. He makes two points. First, the Panchayat was given to Settlers and Yobins way back in 1970s when Yobin was not ST either. This is blunder comment because Yobins were ST then. Moreover such comment shows he is not willing to rectify historical blunder and shows ignorance of the existing Panchyat Law, Article 243D, AP Panchayat Raj Act 1997 and 83rd Constitutional Amendment. Second, he says it is not upto State Govt to address who gets Panchyat. It is dealt by an independent body, State Election Commissioner.

Most surprising comment was that he is not aware of the Panchayati demand made by the AAPACSU. Strange Minister.

12 AM

All Arunachal Pradesh Anti-Corruption Association visits the camp.

9.30 AM

Already 3 ladies are admitted in hospital. Now another, Mrs. Nomazi is taken to medical for treatment.

RKM Hospital.PNG

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