Indefinite Hunger Strike – Day Three

29 November 2019: This is the third day and there is no response from the government.

News release

Nyishi Ethnic Students Union (NESA) President and his executives visits and supports the participants.

5 PM

Three volunteers hospitalized.

Health getting worse

News Release

2 PM

A former ANSU leader comes to interrupt the Hunger Strike. He accuses that “home is not done”. He looks down on Yobins and when he learns that the AAPACSU President is NOT a Yobin but Nyishi, his voice lowers. We continue to face such interruptions.


12.30 AM

Supports pouring in from all quarters of Arunachal people. Here is one who initiated a campaign #I_STAND_WITH_YOBIN_BROTHERS


support 2

10.30 AM

An executive delegation from Apatani community-based NGO arrives to give solidarity. They assured if the govt does not take action, they will also come and stay with the protestors.

10 AM

A speech by AAPACSU and AYSU leaders as opening for the day. Additional is that there will several other organizations who will join this hunger strike if nothing is responded by tomorrow.

If Arunachalee right is violated in Vijoynagar, tomorrow it will happen in the western part of the state.

The govt committed blunder in the past by giving Panchayat to Settlers, but it was committed in ignorance. Now it must be rectified.

9.30 AM

A group came from Kra Daadi District to support.

News reporting


ES Reporter

ITANAGAR, Nov 29: The continuing indefinite hunger strike launched jointly by All Arunachal Pradesh Anti Corruption Students’ Union (AAPACSU) and All Yobin Students’ Union ( AYSU) took a sordid turn with an elderly woman participant falling sick.
She had to be taken to a city hospital due to health issues on Thursday. But soon after being discharged from hospital, she resumed her fast even though her health was deteriorating. This is the third case since the two unions launched the hunger strike here demanding an immediate cancellation of the rights extended to Ex-Assam Rifles Serviceman to partake in local Panchayati Raj elections. Giving this information, President of AAPACSU Tana Ganesh said that few  protesters sitting on hunger strike had to be taken to hospital for medical checkups  and their numbers are expected to increase in the coming days.”But despite the deteriorating health conditions, they are adamant to continue their protest till the state government fulfills all their demands,” he said. He also said that out of at least 40 protesters sitting in the tennis court complex, many protesters came all the way from remote Vijoynagar, Changlang district to press for their rights in the larger interest of the marginalized Yobin tribe.”My body was also shivering this morning due to hunger, but being their leader I cannot step back now as they reinforced their faith and belief in me,” Tana said.

Referring to his heated argument with the ADC a day earlier, which went viral on social media, he alleged that the administration does not bother much about the health status of the protesters as they also failed to depute a medical team at the protest site. “Had the police team deployed in the park premises not called the emergency medical team, many people could have faced serious health problems. This is how a hunger strike is being dealt here,” Tana underlined. “We do not understand how the state government can be so inhuman and completely ignore the decade’s long plight of the community. May be they are expecting some of the protesters  to fell ill or die,” a bystander lamented. “I am willing to starve to death if that would help my community to get justice, because if I stop resisting against perceived injustice meted to our community the coming generation would have to live through a dark age of deprivation,” another protester added.
The Unions said that the hunger strike will go on until the state government is forced to meet their demands.
Meanwhile, the Nyishi Ethnic Students of Arunachal (NESA) has appealed the state government to look into the matter at the earliest so that no untoward incidents takes place.
In a press release issued today it had taken strong exception of the absence of ambulance services which may result in sudden death of protectors at any time. “Till now no MLA of Vijoynagar area or ministers have went to the protesters to ascertain the reason behind the hunger strike and solve the matter. In such instance, peace and tranquillity of state may break and the protest may snowball into a major law order problem,” the release read.
Therefore we appeal to the concerned MLA of Vijoynagar area and Panchayati Raj ministry to solve the matter through dialogues with the protesters.

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