Indefinite Hunger Strike – Day Two(28 Nov 2019)

News release:

11 PM

Another female protestor, Mrs Nomangi admitted at RKM Hospital.


7.30 PM

Mangha Haji is with Felix Bamang and 4 others.

Extend solidarity to All Arunachal Pradesh Anti-Corruption Student union nd All Yobin Student union, hunger strike. Regarding the issue of APST women married to NON-APST their offspring, PRC/ST to NON TRIBAL and settlement of NON-TRIBAL to our state and Panchayti Raaj right to NON-APST etc…
An Appeal state government to redress the issue at an earliest possible time before it is to late…


6 PM

President of Arunachal Indigenous Tribes Forum (AITF) President visits the campsite. He vouched for the genuiness of the demand and warned that if the govt fails to respond by tomorrow, there will more people coming to join the protest.

2 PM

ADC of Capital Complex comes again, saying he has met Chief Secretary and assured to help resolve this demand. But protest demanded a “risk” to ensure this is done. The officer declined and left.

11 AM

Medical team arrives and starts to monitor health of participants. Health of Mrs. Chimasay and Akhusa deterioting but resolves to continue fast.

Doctor’s Prescriptions

Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) of Capital Complex, Naharlagun arrives. He objects for organizing Hunger Strike without NOC. Protestors responded saying, they were not granted, though applied. Moreover Article 19 permits people to protest without arms.


10.45 AM

Almost all volunteers ok except one lady who has intense headache.

Media persons arrived and enquiring about the health of participants.

No government representative came nor any sign of responses visible.

News Release


ITANAGAR, Nov 28: The indefinite hunger strike called by All Arunachal Pradesh Anti-Corruption Students Union (AAPACSU) and  All Yobin Students Union  (AYSU)  entered its second day today.

Speaking to the media, President AAPACSU Tana Ganesh said that the issue is not new. ‘We  are only demanding revocation of Panchayati  Raj rights  extended  to the  Non-APST of Vijoynagar area in  Changlang district.  We have been fighting for the same since 2017, even numerous memorandums have been submitted to the government as well as dharna and rally have been conducted but the government is still silent on the issue.’

Hunger strike is the last  resort left for us to show our resentment, added  the President while informing that the  health of few members are deteriorating and said if anything untoward incident occurs the state government would be responsible.

Also in AP Times:

ITANAGAR, Nov 28: Two female protesters who on Wednesday joined the indefinite hunger strike jointly launched by the All Arunachal Pradesh Anti-Corruption Students’ Union and the All Yobin Students’ Union at the IG Park tennis court here are reportedly in critical condition.

The protestors have been identified as Chimase Yobin (45) and Akhusa Yobin (54). The doctor has advised the duo to discontinue their hunger strike.

Members of the two organisations are on an indefinite hunger strike, demanding that the state government delete the names of non-APST settlers of Vijoynagar, in Changlang district, from the panchayat electoral roll.

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