Indefinite Hunger Strike – Day One (27 Nov 2019)

When government is unresponsive and does not stand for the welfare of its local people, citizens are forced to risk their lives to have demands met. Here is the Day One Hunger Strike beginning at 10 AM on 27 November 2019.

First reports from News channels.

And there are other personal uploads.

This was the place where volunteers slept for the night.

Students bodies launch hunger strike demanding deletion of non-APST settlers from electoral roll

28 Nov 2019 (AP Times)

ITANAGAR, Nov 27: Demanding immediate deletion of the names of ex-Assam Rifle and other non-APST settlers from Panchayat electoral roll in Vijoynagar, the All Arunachal Pradesh Anti-Corruption Students Union(AAPACSU) and All Yobin Students Union have jointly launched an indefinite hunger strike at Tennis Court Indira Gandhi Park Wednesday. More than thirty volunteers have joined the indefinite hunger strike.

The organizations claimed that granting Panchayat rights to non-APST settlers is blatant violation of Arunachal Pradesh Panchayati Raj Act 1997 and also the violation of Article 243 D of the Indian Constitution.

It is said more than five thousand non-APST settlers have been enrolled in Panchayati electoral roll in Vijoynagar sub-division of Changlang district. The indigenous Yobins have been demanding the authority to delete the non-APST settlers’ names from the electoral roll.

AAPACSU appealed to the govt to pay heed to their demand.

Longer reports are available at Arunachal24.

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