Peaceful Rally in Vijoynagar

The Indian Constitution (Article 243D) is very clear. Other than the indigenous people of Arunachal Pradesh, no other communities are allowed to participate the Panchayat Raj Institution (PRI) in Arunachal — not even SC or OBC.

But the Government illegally extended PRI to Ex-Assam Settlers of Vijoynagar (non-APST).

Objections on this regard were raised under the leadership of AAPACSU and AYSU. A lot has been done to raise this objections. See the partial activities that came up openly in newspapers. But till today, the government maintains complete silence and refuse to respond to our demand — Removal of PRI from Settlers of Vijoynagar.

The last rally was at Miao on 28 & 29 August 2019.

This rally was at the grassroot level, having all the indigenous raising our voices on the 24 October 2019.



Video: Men and women marching along MV Road and shouting slogans.


Video: Speech by rally leader, Shri. Ngwazosa Yobin, President of the All Yobin Students Union.

In a very strange move by the Settlers, they served a memorandum (dated, 15 Nov 2019) to the DC Changlang, demanding him to ban our peaceful rally otherwise, they threatened to organize a counter rally. What local rights do Settlers have? It was signed by ten people.

In a fitting manner, the DC ordered, in case of any violence, those ten individuals will be arrested and put behind bars. That was a good decision by administration.

Next step of the Arunachal Bachao Andolan is Hunger Strike to be held in Itanagar in November 2019, after having exhausted all other democratic procedures.

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