Namdapha Chronology

[Article being updated]

This is an interest topic for us, since we have our homes, gardens and roads within the area which the government declared it all belong to them. And our people, who work on the land which we claim ours, are called with blanket “encroachers”.

27 April 2020

Welcome decision of NWBL.Realignment is good. That follows the “traditional route of villagers”.
However, following words, ideas not acceptable…
  • “They have traditionally survived on hunting” — not right. Yobins survive on agriculture both wet and jhum cultivation and recently horticulture. Not good to project as “professional hunters”. Tell me which tribe of AP do not hunt.
  • “They should all be huddled in one part of the 1,985 sq km, instead of being scattered across seven-eight locations,” Bad strategy for villagers. Villagers cannot live in one location like city dwellers. They need more open and free space to move, work and graze their animals.
Source: The Hindu

12 March 2020

A true report on Namdapha deforestation by NeNow entitled “Arunachal: Namdapha National Park facing rampant deforestation“. Excerpts:

  • Namdapha… is facing massive deforestation threat because of illegal felling down of trees by the timber smugglers
  • Sources said everyday timber smugglers chop down trees in Namdapha National park and take the logs to saw mills.
  • Sources alleged that the timber smugglers are hand in gloves with the officials of Forest department.
  • Many saw mills are opened in front of the national park under the nose of the district administration.

Every other report I read in the past, primarily pointed fingers at the Yobin people when there had always been big players.

25 July 2019

Wage issue hits India’s easternmost tiger reserve

… The authorities of the Namdapha Tiger Reserve in Arunachal Pradesh have discontinued the services of 53 frontline staff, all casual employees…. Read more (The Hindu, 25 July 2019)…

[53 casual labourers were employed under National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA).]


  • 1972 Established as Wildlife Sanctuary.

– 1983 Declared a National Park and Tiger Reserved.

Third largest National Park in India.

Famous for Namdapha flying squirrel, which was first recorded in 1981

Total Area of 1985 sq km (177 sq km in buffer zone and 1808 sq km in the core area).

Altitudinal range between 200 m and 4571 m above the sea level.



28 July 2019

Vijoynagar road to ensure national security: Ngandam

…Once completed the road would not only ensure national security with speedy movement of security forces guarding the border, while the road passing though Namdapha Tiger Reserve (NTR) will make it more secured. Many local people living within the NTR along the proposed road will be shifted to inhabited areas as assured by Mossang… (Arunachal Observer, 28 July 2019).

[Note: … will be shifted to inhabited areas]

4 August 2019

Panel moots choppers for Namdapha

…A committee constituted by National Tiger Conservation Authority to review Namdapha tiger reserve in Arunachal Pradesh has mooted the idea of providing choppers to authorities for effective management of the reserve…

…“There is a helicopter service between Miao and Vijaynagar. The tiger reserve management should also be provided with helicopters. They should stay in Vijaynagar and protect the tiger reserve from there. This can continue till the Miao-Vijaynagar road is made suitable for vehicles,” the report said. This point was strongly recommended in the report… (Source: TelegraphIndia, 4 August 2019).

[Several ideas gleaned: 1) Namdapha will use chopper services. 2) They will have a base in Vijoynagar. 3) They will use skill development process to earn our confidence and then they will propose rehabilitation plans which is their ultimately goal. Human goodness never seems to be their core motivation].

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