Independence Cup 2019

For this year, we have seen 18 teams competing for the prize of one lakhs for winner and 75 thousand for the runner up at the Miao Sub-Division Independence Cup.


Yobin FC in action against the RWD FC.

We have two teams under competition: Yobin FC (Represented from Miao) and Malushidi FC (Players from Shidi, represented on behalf of Yobin community).


First Match

The Yobin Football Club met the RWD Football Club on 28 July 2019. We lost to them with 1 – 6 goals.

Second Match

This was between Malushidi FC versus Injan FC on 3 August 2019. It was an extremely competive game. Each scored three goals each. The time was then over. Another 15 minutes were added. During which time, the Malushidi team scored two more goals. Both the teams played very well and sincerely. Non were awarded cards.

Third Match

The rivalry was between Malushidi FC and New Chingsa.  We scored two goals to win over them. We had two yellow cards. Played on 8 August 2019.

Fourth Match

Then we have between Malushidi FC and Namphai II FC, on 10 August 2019. First they scored a goal within the first 10 minutes, then we scored one. The same status remained till break time. After the break we scored another two goals. We did not get Yellow cards.

News releases on this match


Photo Courtesy: AP Times.

MIAO, Aug 10: Malusidi FC entered the final of the Independence Day Cup Football Tournament, defeating defending champions Namphai-II United FC-A 3-1 in the first semifinal played here in Changlang district on Saturday. (AP Times and The Dawnlit Post, 10 August 2019).

Fifth Match

15 August 2019, is the day we are all waiting for. Our boys challenged hard against the three time champion of Miao Sub-Division, the Upper Miao Football Club (UMFC).

First, we lost a penalty kick. Then they scored two more goals. We could return on two goals. And we receded to the Runner place.

But our team received the Discipline Team Award, that carried a trophy and cash award of Rs 15,000. Also Tsisa received the Top Goal Scorer Award. These are precious for us.

There are a couple of factors that are not conducive to our team. They have come from cold weather to a hot place, that made them difficult to run and breath. Moreover, the team had played only in Vijoynagar Circle. Coming to Miao that has different rules and regulations, tactics and more audience made them nervous at times.

News release on this match highlighted the enormous support of fans to our team

Despite Defeat Malasudi FC of Remote Vijaynagar Stole Hearts In Miao, Arunachal Pradesh

Source: Assam Sentinel, 19 August 2019

BORDUMSA: The final battle of the Independence Day Cup tournament-2019 being an annual sports event was played across Changlang District and the one which concluded in Maio on Thursday has left a permanent impression upon the on-lookers and the organisers of the tournament thus deserves an special mention in the sports arena of the district.

Though sustained defeat at the hands of team United Miao Football Club by 3-2 team Malusidi Football Club of remote Vijaynagar descending the lofty hills with thick vegitation cover traversing around 156 kilometers from Miao indeed has re-defined the sporting spirits in one’s heart irrespective of impediments on the way.

“The team though couldnot win the C’Ship 2019 here on 15th last and had to stand as runners -up only yet it has been displaying the true sense of sportsman spirits every year displaying the sense of fortitude defying the physical odds has many more lesson to learn from the players of the team who walks ups and down the infested hills for four days with their required loads on their back to participate in the tournament”, exclaimed  Kamlung Mossang the local MLA of Maio who has been promoting the sports cause in the area who has personally high words to appreciate the team.

‘We have no definite routes for about 150 kilometers and have to cover around 158 kilometers of thick  vegetation cover without proper meals encountering several physical and wildlife challenges includung the menace of leaches and other fauna with every forwarding steps to reach to Miao for participating in the tournament, said one of the Yobin youths of Vijaynagar who had  accompanied the team.

“The team Malusidi FC chiefly comprised of Yobin and Lisu youths  led by captain Tsissa Yobin indeed exhibited a wonderful show off during all the events of the tournament we organised and finally won the best team and best scorer of the entire tournament”, said Abhijit Gogoi a member of the Scorpion Club of Maio that hoisted the tournament.

“ Team Malusidi  playing on a robust format was driving aggressively from the early in the final battle had hit a maiden goal in the the first 20 minutes while the second was scored in 48 minutes against the defending champion team UMFC, though lost the battle subsequently by 3-2 ”, informed Tumke Bagra, the President of the tournament organising committee.


Our people celebrated our success on the 16th August, at Church of Christ (Colony). Good to be thankful to God and encourage each other in whatever way possible. One of the strategic decision that day was the formation of a Committee “Malushidi Sports Association” with Pastor Ngwayoja as its Chairman.

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