Villagers stop IAF chopper from landing in Vijayanagar ALG

This incident is just an instance of public frustrations. In the absence of surface communication, flight travel becomes the only better options of transportation. The other option is walking four days on foot carrying their own luggage.

News reports as appeared on local dailies, they do not go deep into those responsible for the IAF to arrive at the decision of not carrying the cardamom and even carrying civilians. We could easily point fingers on those people. And I believe those people should be concerned of the wrath of the public.

But the more important attention should be the MV Road. Our efforts must focus on making the road motorable. Otherwise we will continue fight on the small fights as surfaced recently.


Villagers stop IAF chopper from landing in Vijayanagar ALG

January 24, 2019

ITANAGAR, Jan 23: The local residents of Vijaynagar in Changlang district Wednesday did not allow an IAF helicopter to land at the Advance Landing Ground (ALG), said state Food and Civil Supply Minister Kamlung Mossang.

The local residents spread across the ALG runway of Vijaynagar to prevent landing of the helicopter to protest the IAF chopper not carrying cardamom produced by them to Miao, Mossang said quoting a former zilla parishad member from Vijaynagar who informed him about the incident.

Residents of 11 villages near Vijaynagar had on January 20 cleaned the ALG runway of the grass and moss which had grown due to non-operation by any fixed-wing aircraft since 2016.

The villagers claimed that they cleaned the ALG runway on condition that the IAF choppers which return empty to Miao from Vijaynagar would carry cardamom produced by them, the minister said.

But as the chopper did not carry any cardamom produced by them the villagers did not allowed the chopper to land in the Vijaynagar ALG, Mossang said.

The villagers said they pay Rs 150 for transportation of cardamom to Miao, the nearest town which is about 157-km away due to lack of road connectivity.

No IAF officers were available for comment.

Vijaynagar is the remotest Circle (Tehsil) of Changlang district. (PTI)

Source: AP Times, 24 January 2019


IAF issues clarification, says civilian loads carried only on requisition

January 25, 2019

VIJAYNAGAR, Jan 24: Reacting to the report that the locals did not allow an Indian Air Force (IAF) helicopter to land at the advanced landing ground (ALG) here in Changlang district on Wednesday in protest against the IAF’s not carrying cardamom produced by them to Miao, a defence release on Thursday said military aircraft are meant to carry out only military operations, which include carrying of military personnel and loads only.

“The IAF carries civilian loads and passengers, if the need arises, only on the requisition of state authorities,” it said.

It said the IAF has always been supporting the locals around all ALGs and border areas, but that “the official request for carrying civilians and load was not available on that day due to some miscommunication.”

Normal operation on the ALG with IAF loads has been restored and the carrying of civilian loads and passengers has commenced, based on requisition by the state government, it said.

The IAF is committed to revive the Vijaynagar ALG for landing fixed-wing aircraft, the release said.

Source: AP Times, 25 January 2019


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