Recognition of ST to our people at last

Photo: CM Pema Khandu handing ST certificate to an old Yobin man (Courtesy: AP Times)

On 7th December 2018, the Chief Minister Pema Khandu handed over the ST certificates to two elderly Yobins. This is dream come true after denying the Scheduled Tribe privileges and rights for over forty years.

This is the third time we are receiving the ST certificate. The first was prior to 1980s. The second was in 2015 when the Miao ADC, Shri T Mara, conducted a simple ceremony, distributed at the hand of local MLA cum Minister Shri Kamlung Mossang. The second was shortlived. The government called by an executive order on 27 January 2017. The AP Times summarized this problem in a heading, “ST certificates to Yobins halted as govt violates constitutional norm”.

The impact of ST denial for over forty is enormous.

· Not one person got a State Govt job between 1980 and 1994. From 1994 whoever got State Govt jobs were from General Quota. So employment rate is less than one percent.

· Not one gazetted officer from our community.

· Ours became the most neglected land without any surface communications.

· Infrastructural developments are far away: no electricity, mobile networks, bank.

· Worst negligence is the withdrawal of government staffs from Vijoynagar and functions remotely from Miao and elsewhere.

It will take years for our tribe to stand on our feet at par with other tribal friends. Ours is now the beginning of a new chapter. With God’s helping and humble hardwork we will overcome.


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