Influencers of Lisu Society: AAPACSU

The All Arunachal Pradesh Anti-Corruption Students Union (AAPACSU) made entry into our history in 2017. Their leader, Shri Tana Ganesh Tara, and the leadership team took up our problem issues.

Within a year of their lead, it is amazing the many actions they have undertaken.


In November 2017, they made first hand study in Miao and Changlang HQ to assess the depth of problems we are undergoing. The first thing they observed was the illegal extension of Panchayati Raj to the Settlers of Vijoynagar. Memorandums were moved to the CS and administration with the demand “Stop enrolment of non-APST in PR system” (AP Times 28 November 2017).

Representation was made to Chief Minister with the same demand (AP Times, 22 March 2018).

No action or response was made from government. An ultimatum was served: Unions Serve Ultimatum to CM (AP Times, April 7, 2018).

Ultimately, peace rally was organized in Itanagar on 3rd May 2018 with the slogan “Arunachal Bachao Andolan”.


Apart from the main issue of Panchayati Raj, the union also found there are alot other misuse of rights and duties in Vijoynagar area. They found there are:

  • Irregularities in PDS in Vijoynagar. Initial inquiries are on.
  • MV Road misuse of funds has been huge.

They have even written to PM “UNION WRITES TO PM ON PLIGHT OF YOBINS” (Eastern Sentinel, 28 March 2018).

Perhaps, till now they have made trips to Miao and Changlang more than four times for first hand information. We have nothing to support even for the trips. Leave alone gifts we can offer. But they have not given up. But our situation will not remain as present. We will find ways to thank them in days to come.

We will see in the days to come the efforts of these young friends who love us and intervene in our lives.

The impact will be huge as the challenges they are making are on core rights we struggle. We are grateful to them.

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