The PRC Drama 2018

The last was PRC Drama of 2010.

This issue of Permanent Residential Certificate (PRC) resurrected after 8 years. While there are several meetings elsewhere, the one at Miao on 14 Sep, is closest to us.

It is very strange that this particular meeting did not find a place in other media, except in Namsai Review. I wonder why. Even there the only mention is Yobin is openly against the grant of PRC to Settlers of Vijoynagar. The desire of other tribes to let the government to give PRC to Settlers was not spelt out.

In the meantime, I thought the leaders have lost their community perspective on the basic local rights, there was the open opposition from the All Changlang District Students Union (ACDSU). They said: “the statement of a few Tangsa political leaders during a meeting held in the office of Miao ADC on 14 September” supporting granting of permanent resident certificates (PRC) to the non-APSTs (ex-Assam Rifles) of Vijaynagar circle.

The statement of ACDSU clarified it is not Tangsa community’s agreement as a whole but few with political interest made agreements.

Vijoynagar belongs to the Yobin people. Therefore, the local people’s voice must be upheld, and not to political biddings.

Below is news from Namsai Review and AP Times.



Source: Namsai Review

Miao 14 Sept : The Additional Deputy Commissioner, Miao convened a meeting pursuant to the decision of the preliminary meeting of JHPC on PRC held at Namsai on 3 September for obtaining written comments from the localities. In this case, for grant of PRC to NON-APST (Ex-Assam Rifles settlers of Vijoynagar). ADC Miao vide letter No. M/JHPC-1/PRC-RC/2018 dated 11 September invited 13 (persons) of Miao Sub-Division compromised of public leaders from the Singpho, Tangsa and Yobin communities.

Not all those thirteen invited made it to the meeting while still much of those who attended abstained from making any comments. The Yobin community have openly opposed to the grant of PRC to the AR settlers. With nothing much as inputs for the meeting, it ended being inconclusive.

A section of the denizens are unhappy with the way the meeting is being convened involving only a handful of leaders while it expected that community based organisations and leaders should have been taken on board to make comments on such a sensitive and important matter which has the potential of long term implications. This section is of the view that the local legislator should also be invited to such a meeting and his stand on the matter should be let known before throwing the ball in the court of lower rung leaders. The PRC issue is a vexed issue and many a times particularly in assembly constituencies with high population of PRC seekers, the issue becomes fuel for the poll fire. With, elections not far away, leaders will surely tread cautiously and hopefully the rights of the indigenous tribal population will not be hurt.


Union opposes granting of PRCs to non-APST settlers

September 21, 2018 (Source: AP Times)

CHANGLANG, Sep 20: The All Changlang District Students’ Union (ACDSU) has strongly rejected “the statement of a few Tangsa political leaders during a meeting held in the office of Miao ADC on 14 September” supporting granting of permanent resident certificates (PRC) to the non-APSTs (ex-Assam Rifles) of Vijaynagar circle.

“In the meeting there were only a few members of political groups who do not represent the Tangsa community as a whole. Besides, even the members of the ACDSU were not invited to the meeting by the joint high-power committee (JHPC) subordinate Miao ADC. The statement of a few Tangsa political leaders cannot be counted as people’s consensus,” the union stated in a press release on Thursday.

The union said it had clearly stated during the earlier JHPC meeting held in Namsai on 3 September with all the stakeholders of the affected districts “that it does not support granting of PRC to non-APST.”

It said it has urged the JHPC to constitute a mechanism “under the ambit of temporary residence certificate” for the benefit of the non-APST settlers in the circle.


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