Traditional Handicrafts of Yobin People

Crafts I have photos.


Daxa (Large basket) is used to store food packets during weddings and festivals. For weddings used Daxa is not acceptable.

Photo: A person making a Daxa.

Photo: Daxa used in a wedding party in Shidiku village.


This is primarily used in weddings when volunteers make them. It is used for distribution of naphu (local roti) and meat.

Photo: Yobin ladies with a basket before them.

Photo: Xajo with local bread.


Nakhwa is winnow.

Photo: A woman making nakhwa.

Photo: Varieties of nakhwa. The middle one is used for sifting the rice from paddy.


This is a load carrier used for carrying almost everything, firewood to rice etc.


Basket for carrying lighter items. It is usually used in fishing.


Nato is a local large basket to carry like rice and other things. It is pretty common and widely used.


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