Travel Woes to Dawodi Circle

When planned well, a person can arrive Miao from anywhere in the world within 24 hours. But from here to Dawodi (Vijoynagar) for the 157 km distance, you never know when you will reach there.

Two ways to get there – both consume lots of time and energy.

The actual flight duration from Miao to Dawodi is just 30 minutes. But to get to travel is a long story. You never get to travel within a month.

For the population of about 7000 people, bi-weekly flight is a joke. Top up to that, flights are not regular so much dependent on weather, availability of helicopter and whims of authorities.

Photo: AirOne Helicopter MI-172, bound for Dawodi, landing at Miao Helipad. Passengers’ luggage seen in the front.

Only the lucky travelers of about 10% get flight. The rest resort to four to five day foot march.

Short distance walk is fun and even healthy, but full day rigorous walk with heavy load is not.

Photo: A traveler with loads walking past muddy part of MV Road.

Sleeping on the road is not pleasant either especially in winter’s below zero degree. Travelers do not have luxury of warm blankets.

Photo: a leftover of a camp.

Getting home necessary items from Miao is hard work and very expensive. Whatever meager income villagers have, large chunk is spent on transport.

Photo: People carry dismantled rice mills on bicycle.

Very often its faster to walk along the Noa-Dihing River. MV Road has lots of turns and is very slippery to walk.

Photo: people use bamboo bridges to cut short their travel from MV Road.

My grandparents walked on this road. My parents too walked the same road and now they are in their late 50s. I still have to walk on this road. My two daughters aged 4 and 5 walked (actually carried) on this road. Our suffering is huge.

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