Traditional Technologies of Yobin Tribe

In absence of modern technologies, indigenous minds come into use.

Grounding paddy is a tedious task. Below is one such to relieve such labour. This is actually run by water. It takes overnight to remove husk from the paddy.

Photo: Abandoned rice mill at Shidiku village.

There is no life with roti. But it is hard work to ground rice into powder. Taste is good.


Photo: a local dikki.

All Yobin habitations are along the Yimapha (Noa-Dihing). Crossing the river is either by bridges or boat.


Photo: Canoe dragged ashore near Lominayi (Burma Nala).


Photo: Bamboo bridges are usually active during winter; do not stand beyond March.


Photo: A hanging bridge over Yibolo.


Photo: Making of Tsongo, cooked in oil.

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