Dawodi Circle: An Administration Unit Under Erosion

I fear the Vijoynagar Circle’s fate would become like the Deban Circle. Till 1977 Deban was the Headquarter of Deban Circle with a Circle Officer in charge. Later it was shifted to Diyun and renamed as Diyun Circle. Moreover, all the villages in Deban area were brought under Miao Circle.

Similar situation which I call “Reverse Development” is in progress in Vijoynagar Circle.

First, the GoAP recalled all their officers out of the Circle. The Casual Labourer (LC) is often in charge of CO in Vijoynagar. The Circle Officers are stationed at Miao in the last one decade and had never set foot in his duty bound Circle. All Vijoynagar Block operations are exclusively from Miao. The rest of the departments degraded as well. There are often one or two Police Constables. The Engineers of PWD disappeared. The Veterinary personnel went off about 30 years ago. The PDS is in horrible shape. We never know where the rations disappear.

It is mandatory that all designated government officials return to their own station on site. Remote operations are not acceptable.

Second, education system looks pathetic. Take this year’s Class X result. Only one passed out of the 59 students of Government High School of Vijoynagar. Perhaps the worst result in the state. Look at the headmaster in charge. He is not a qualified teacher. Qualified teachers are not posted there. Then what result can we expect. Moreover, in a shocking revelation by the Cluster Resource Center (CRC) in charge informed that the Vijoynagar High School might loss CBSE affiliation due to non submission of required report.

Qualified teachers are needed. And loss of CBSE affiliation will attract stiff oppositions and demand for suspension of those responsible.

Third, drinking water taps were in place until 1990s. Now those worn out pipes are rusted. In villages which are surrounded by rivers and streams, drinking water for families became a rare commodity.

Proper water supplies will ease life of many people.

Fourth, the road remained unmotorable since its inauguration in 1975. Complete negligence of the Miao – Vijoynagar Road left the area total inaccessible. Even the PMGSY initiatives since 2011 remained ineffective and useless. Now the GoAP is talking about a highway from Jagun to Vijoynagar, making complete fool to the people.

If Vijoynagar area is a part of Arunachal Pradesh, then better government do something.

Fifth, medical facility is a mockery. For a Circle of about 7000 people, only a Community Health Center is provided that too a doctor on rotation. Nothing is available in other villages. Basic health care is in great trouble and people suffer from ill health.

We need several medical centres in the Circle.

There are plenty more where we need upliftment. Otherwise, what is the use of being a citizen of the country?


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