A Brief Report of Peaceful Rally in Itanagar

A rally that will be remembered as one forcibly stopped by AAPSU

Photo: Students with placards during the rally.

The Arunachal media and the powerful people wanted to remove even a trace of this protest.

The jointly organized rally by the All Arunachal Pradesh Anti-Corruption Students’ Union (AAPACSU) and the All Yobin Students Union (AYSU) did not do this for fun. This was the result of much frustration as the authorities ignored to all their demands. See the summary of prior initiatives by the two unions.

The rally was scheduled from Akash Deep to Tennis Court IG Park in Itanagar City on the 3rd May 2018. However it did not go as planned as the All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) intercepted them right at the start and then again at Petrol Pump, where no further progress was possible.

Photo: Protesters holding the banners.

“Arunachal Bachao Andolan” was the theme of the protest. Since the rally is a genuine matter, the Deputy Commissioner of Itanagar granted NOC for the day. The four charter demands were:

  1. Removal of Panchayati Raj illegally extended to the Settlers of Vijoynagar Circle.
  2. Provide rationale for allowing the Settlers of Vijoynagar in Panchayati Raj system in VIjoynagar.
  3. Immediate suspension of Deputy Commissioner of Changlang, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Miao and Circle Officer of VIjoynagar, for favouring the Settlers at the expense of the local tribe.
  4. Immediate completion of Miao to Vijoynagar Road.

None of the Arunachal dailies published about this protest, except on in Eastern Sentinel where AAPSU was projected as the hero instead of the leaders of the rally, entitled “AAPSU calls for restraint on Yobin issue”.

But the local Itanagar TV channels released the videos:

  1. Itanagar News with the comments: “A Peacefull rally of All Arunachal Pradesh Anti-corruption Student’s union and All Yobin Student’s Union has been stopped by All Arunachal Pradesh Students’union and claims protest as unconstitutional.”

  2. Arunachal Mirror TV entitled “Students protest for development” and with comments: Yobin students protest for Development and Equality in Vijay Nagar under Changlang District of Arunachal Pradesh. Vijay nagar is a place where people pay Rs 200 for a KG of sugar and Rs 150 for an equal amount of salt.

It is now over a month since the protest, we still await for government’s response. Hope the Unions do not have to push further movements.

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