AAPACSU’s Draws Attention of PM for Yobins

The concerns of the Arunachal Pradesh Anti corruption Students Union for the Yobins is expressed again in their representation to the PM. Indeed we are much inflicted. We need more cures and stitches than harms. I never skip a night without please our God to relief from our burdens.



Source: Eastern Sentinel, 28 March 2018

ITANAGAR, Mar 27:In a representation addressed to Prime Minister, the All Arunachal Pradesh Anti corruption Students Union on Tuesday drew his attention towards the suffering and plight of Yobin Tribe, which has been facing marginalization issues since very long time.

Stating that the future of Yobin tribe is being threatened, it has sought the PM’s intervention in providing them with every needed privilege like proper education, road connectivity, infrastructure development etc at par with other tribes in the state.

Citing historical records, it also requested for solving the long impasse over resettlement of Yobin tribe, who have been forcefully evicted from their ancestral lands by government to make place for settlement of 200 ex-servicemen & retired Army personnel families.

The union who recently toured Vijoynagar, Tirap has alleged that the settlement of the retired Army families were not done as proposed in the land settlement policy that is on “vacant lands”, instead resulted in forceful eviction of people from their ancestral villages.

Adding more woes to their troubles, the union stated the government has allegedly allowed and given rights to retired Army personnel families to engage in Panchayati Raj thereby treating them as alien in their own land. The unions termed the move of the government to allow settlers from outside to partake in local self-government as not only inhuman and unjust act, but gross injustice against the Yobins.

Informing that Vijaynagar circle is totally cut off from the rest of the world due to lack of proper road communication, the union also urged the PM to initiate action for early construction of Miao-Vijaynagar road.

Situated in the southeast periphery of Namdapha under Changlang District, Vijoynagar is the remotest circle in the state, wedged between China-Myanmar borders and homeland to this little-known Lisu (Yobin) tribe. As per the census 2001, there are 13 villages in the circle with a population of 3000 approx.

It is pertinent to mention here that that since after declaring as an administrative headquarters in 1962, the condition of Vijoynagar remains as it was earlier without any road connectivity and progress. Reportedly it takes around seven to ten days to reach Vijoynagar by foot through dense forests.


Union draws PM’s attention towards marginalized Yobin/Lisu tribes

Source: AP Times, 29 March 2018

ITANAGAR, Mar 27: The All Arunachal Pradesh Anti-Corruption Students’ Union (AAPACSU), in a letter addressed to the Prime Minister of India on Friday last, has drawn his attention towards the problems being faced by the highly marginalized Yobin/Lisu tribes residing in Vijoynagar circle of the state and sought urgent steps from the central government to address their grievances.

The union informed that the Miao to Vijoynagar road is still not motorable and people have to walk miles for getting essential commodities and medical care.

“The Government of India in the 1970s gave importance to road construction and a kutcha road from Miao to Vijoynagar was constructed in 1975. Since then, the road has been completely ignored and is presently in need of maintenance. Despite funding, no progress has been made. The latest funding was in 2011 under PMGSY. Unfortunately, the road is still not motorable,” it informed.

Further, the union claimed that the tribe also faces the problem of encroachment of their ancestral land from settler from outside the state.

“In the 1960s, the government resettled some retired Army personnel and Assam Rifles ex-servicemen and labourers in available vacant land in Arunachal. The government settled those 200 personnel on prescribed conditions. The government reserves the right to alter or change or cancel any term and condition from time to time as decided by the competent authority of the Land Records Department of Arunachal Pradesh, but the state government does not check on these conditions properly hence the settlers are now encroaching the local people’s lands. The complaints by the Yobins to administration are not responded,” it added

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