Population growth of three tribes of Changlang District

The Gazetteer of India on Arunachal Pradesh: Tirap District is very important legal publication by State Government published in 1980. Since this book was published, Tirap District bifurcated to Tirap and Changlang Districts. The two Sub-Divisions namely Changlang and Miao joined to form the current Changlang District.

The Gazetteer mentioned that Changlang Sub-Division had Tangsa and Noctes as the bulk of the population. And Tangsa, Singpho and Yobin inhabited the Miao Sub-Division (Page 2). I got interested to compare how the population had been growing among the Tangsa, Singpho and Yobin as they live closer here in Miao Sub-Division.

Year of Census Tangsa Singpho Yobin
Census 1971 13,448 1,168 926
Census 1981 971
Census 1991 19,751 3,575
Census 2001 29,538 4,539 2,105
Census 2011 36,120 5,616 2,994

A note from the population record between the Census 1971 to Census 2011

· The Tangsa grew almost three times.

· The Singpho rose to five times.

· Yobins to three times of its population in 1971.

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