Back from Social Marginalization

The Yobin suffered social exclusion or marginalization so much since 1961 that every step the tribe takes is an attempt to reverse what was intentionally created to “kill” the community. What do we need? We need empowerment – reestablishing our identities, reclaiming our traditional land, connectivity, basically bringing our people to the mainstream of the State. Following are specific areas that came to mind.

1. DECLARATION OF TSOWOPAI ON 6 FEBRUARY AS GAZETTED YOBIN’S FESTIVAL. All the tribes of Arunachal Pradesh have such recognized days. Just to mention from the tribes of Changlang District – Moh-Mol for Tangsa and Shapwang Yaung Manawpoi for Singpho. Even in our district, Yobins is the only tribe not given this privilege. List the list of Local Holidays. Bugun tribe with a population of about 1500 received their place in 2013.

2. RECOGNITION OF ALL YOBIN INHABITED VILLAGES: The Yobin villages such as Meludi, Sichoto, Yacheley, Yacheyzolo, Josadi, Nibodi, Ngwazakha, Aguchi and Nagodi are still unrecognized by the government. Our efforts should be to make sure all these are on the list of Government.

3. CHALLENGE ILLEGAL SETTLEMENT, ILLEGAL PANCHAYAT RAJ AND ILLEGAL TRADE LICENSE ISSUED TO SETTLERS OF VIJOYNAGAR: According to the 4th Plan, the Government of India budgeted Rs 1.80 crores to settled Retired Army personnel and Assam Rifles in VACANT LANDS in Arunachal (Arunachal Panorama, Page 225). We know it was not vacant land where they were settled. First step itself was illegal. And then the Panchayati Raj participation extended to Settlers was wrong because the Arunachal Pradesh Panchayati Raj Act 1997 was meant for local people. Settlers are not local people. And then rampant issuance of trade licenses to Settlers outside their settlement is illegal. They are entitled only within their allotted lands.

4. MORE ON GOVERNMENT SERVICES: Our people have least employment in State Government services. A person stated it would be less than 1%. Those employed are in the lowest ranks. Our people must rise to some of the top offices in the State. Otherwise, we will have unending nightmares.


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