An Unfortunate Situation at Shidi village

Yesterday a middle aged man died in Shidi village. About a month ago he had surgery for appendicitis and was recuperating. His son and daughter and relatives living at Miao were not suspecting something serious was happening to their father.

A friend told me this man passed away at about 10 am (Sunday, 22 Oct 2017). I went to see whether the family at Miao received the tragic news. To my surprise, they did not even hear he was sick! I felt not comfortable to break news and just said the father is really serious and encouraged them to enquire about the father.

About an hour later a family member called from their village from the only operating Satellite Phone. The news broke the sister and brother.

What has been frustrating is the sister and brother is not able to be present when the last rite is conducted for the father. Although, the distance from Miao to Shidi is 130 km, it takes four days on foot since no road has been constructed till date.

The PMGSY road foundation stone was laid in 2011 but no visible improvement is seen. The four days walk continues to take the same time and distance as in the 1960s. The Miao – Vijoynagar Road remains a fascinating to cover a story, nothing more.


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