The Villages in Vijoynagar Circle According to Census 2011


14 Villages Enlisted according to Census 2011. In the table below,

· Village no 1 to 4 are exclusive Lisu villages

· Village no 5 have mixed population. The Settlers illegally occupied in Vijoynagar HQ.

· Village no 6 to 14 are allotted to Settlers.

No Villages Population
1. Dawodi 184
2. Hazolo 182
3. Gandhigram Bl.I & II 1,754
4. Sidikuh 212
5. Vijoynagar H.Q. 240
6. Buddhamandir 106
7. Chidudi 179
8. Daragaon 322
9. Gaherigaon 57
10. Mazgaon 239
11. Phaparbari 317
12. Ramnagar 138
13. Topihill 242
14. Twohut 266


· Where are the other Lisu villages? Such as Badadi, Meludi, Sichoto, Yacheley, Yachayzolo, Josadi, Nibodi, Lominayi, Ngwazakha, Aguchi and Nagudi are not in picture. See some of the locations of the villages on map.

· In 2014, the Census Authorities registered Nibodi, Ngwazakha and Aguchi villages under Miao Block, clubbed within “Deban Forest Camp”. Objections were raised to the DC Chanchal Yadav by the ZPM and ASM. They promised rectifications but in actual Census Data, they were not reflected. What happened? The Deban Forest Camp where there are no residents registered 348 people, out of which 342 were Scheduled Tribe (Census 2011). This is deliberate actions to irritate our people.

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